Look Behind You

Everyone wears a little piece of art in their fashion focus from even simple accessories like jewelry scarves to elaborate boots knock out shoes. These are focal points for the way you look an important medley. Often you take one last look at yourself in the mirror that’s what you see that’s what you like.
One thing, however, that many people forget to do is turn around look at what they look like walking away. Here’s some thoughts that might help. Please take them with a certain amount of jest, because when it comes down to it, who cares what people think of how we dress anyway!!!? pha

The Panty Line
Leggings, tights, leotards, whatever you call them are very much in vogue now. You can wear them with skirts with long shirts they look good on just about everyone.
But I don’t underst why it seems okay to have panty lines. First of all, leggings are really just underwear that serve as very very tight pants. Panty lines take away from the look for some women it gives sort of a ‘double dip’ look to their bottom. Take the panties off please!
If you can’t bear the thought of leaving the house without panties, then at least please wear a top that covers your ass.  A long shirt, jacket or sweater or a slim skirt over your tights will hide what otherwise can be very unattractive.

Your Heels
Start with your feet. In the summer we wear s als how you care for your feet tells a lot about you. Keep your heels smooth. Rough, cracked feet are very noticeable extremely unattractive in addition to being unhealthy (they can get infected cause a lot of problems.)  For men too!
Get a pedicure or find some of the awesome do it yourself products at the drug store. Scrub your feet every time you take a shower get the dead skin off. Then moisturize with the cream made especially for feet, some are very effective at curing really bad cracked feet.
Now take a look at the heels of your shoes. If they’re badly nicked they might be able to be repaired by a local shoe shop. If the heels are worn down, you might be able to have them fixed as well. It’s worth the money to repair shoes that you love are comfortable.  
Comb Your Hair
For those lucky people who don’t have to wash their hair every day it still looks good, not oily flat, good for you! However, don’t forget that you have a back of your head it is extremely noticeable to other people. You’ve slept on it all night long now you have a part right down the middle. Wet, slick it, comb it, but please get rid of the unsightly part.

Baggy Pants
If you’re over weight don’t think that baggy pants are going to make you look slimmer. Clothes that are too big for you just make you look sloppy even bigger. The same goes if you’re thin. Your clothes should fit, not too tight, not too big. We come in all sizes shapes finding clothes that fit is as important as finding clothes that are the right color style for your build…ah, but that’s another subject!

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