Lynn Rothan at Soda Creek Gallery

Lynn Rothan is a consummate painter, ceramist, printmaker. The elegant passion, individual poetic vision deep commitment she brings to her artistry embues infuses every single second of her living life. What she touches she makes her own. It is this absolute commitment to the creative process which has made of her, after the fact, a teacher of soaring accomplishment.

Her many years of working with challenged youth, to share with them her belief that creative process fuels creative decision making, has helped to shepherd young lives through awkward dangerous phases.

Rothan has been an integral part of the Central Oregon creative community for more than two decades; her visual poetry has been featured in galleries private collections across the nation beyond international borders.

Primarily a painter, Rothan works in diverse media with a focus on oils. She also collaborates with other artists across disciplines. In 2010, she worked with industrial designer brother Matt Rothan, on a pet project of native Dominicans Oscar de la Renta Julio Iglesias: the creation of hundreds of large scale banners now gracing the International Airport in the Dominican Republic.

Another of Rothan’s favorite collaborations was created for the Bend Winter Carnival; an immense snow sculpture known as Ali Baba, required the contributions of Bend artist Bob Sant, several of her art students. She also collaborated with Sant on a project celebrating several generations of Bend History—a three-ton floating swan that ferried former beauty queens across Mirror Pond to commemorate the festivals of decades past. She plans to bring more large scale sculpture performance based installations to Central Oregon through teaching workshops, public events future collaborations.

Rothan’s work is currently on display at Soda Creek Gallery in Sisters.

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