Maragas Winery Announces the Release of the first Central Oregon Dry White Vinifera Wine

(Photo above courtesy of Margaras Winery) 

Doug Maragas, winemaker and vineyard manager at Maragas Winery stated, “It’s one of two landmarks that will have a major impact on developing a wine growing and producing industry in Central Oregon.

“Our endeavor began 17 years ago and by overall business standards has progressed painfully slow.   But, for a good reason, since there were no Central Oregon growers of Vitis vinifera grapes (the grapes we all associate with fine wine – Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, etc.), the knowledge of what and how to grow wine grapes in Central Oregon didn’t exist.  Consequently, research was required to determine how to proceed.  And, valuable results from research take time.”

First, the wine will be sampled by our faithful customers at our Barrel Tasting event Thanksgiving weekend.  Second, and equally important, the wine critics will taste and judge the wine in the most prestigious and largest wine competition in America at the San Francisco Chronicle.

Maragas stated, “we sincerely hope it does as well as our Central Oregon Vinifera dessert wine “Tootsie” that has continually earned Silver Medal status at the Competition.  If this happens, it will put us on the map and draw attention from serious grower producers along the west coast.”

Although dessert wines capture a minority of the national wine market, dry white wines and dry red wines make up the majority of the market.  Translated, it will mean future investment from other grower producers into the Central Oregon areas of Terrebonne, Culver, and Madras. It will ultimately mean Central Oregon will become established nationally as a recognized viticultural area.

The name of the Maragas dry white blend – a proprietary white blend from multiple varietals of vitis vinifera in the Maragas Vineyard – including Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Chennin Blanc, etc. will be Maragas Blanco.  The barrel fermented white blend was barrel aged for one year and will retail for $27.00.  The wine will, in Maragas tradition, feature a humorous caricature created by the winemaker’s mother, Joanne Lattavo, in 1959.

Maragas Winery will begin tasting its landmark white wine Thanksgiving weekend.  Beginning Friday at 11am and ending Sunday at 5pm.  On Saturday, festivities will include entertainment.  For more details, please visit

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