Music & Mushrooms

While recently catching up with Neave Trio cellist Mikhail Veselov, he was mushroom foraging in the woods. He said the East Coast has been dry so far this fall, and there weren’t many fungi to be found. Mikhail enjoys cooking: experimenting and making things. This process spills over into his activities as a member of a critically acclaimed ensemble on both the national and world stage.

Neave Trio collaborates and experiments with artists in many different mediums. They work with composers in performing premieres of their works; they have presented new performance pieces with the Blythe Barton Dance Company; they met a projectionist on a ballet set and together they weave visual art with a piece of music; they have even created a concert series where audience members text their thoughts and questions during a performance, and these are projected on
a screen.

To illustrate the mission and values of the trio, Mikhail told the story of the trio’s name. After multiple performances there was one audience member they got to know through his deep admiration of their music-making. He was in an accident and was paralyzed. When he became too frail to leave his home for performances, the trio performed for him at his care facility. They heard stories of his daughter, whose name in Gaelic means bright, radiant. This connection and exchange with audience members is so important to Mikhail and his partners, they named the group after this man’s daughter.

Mikhail’s musical journey began as a three year old, taking piano lessons at the community music center in St. Petersburg, and has blossomed into his work as an innovator in the world of classical music. And, when the rains come, he’ll create a meal with wild mushrooms he has gathered.

Mikhail Veselov performs with Neave Trio in concert at Bend Church when High Desert Chamber Music’s 12th season continues on Friday, December 6, at 7:30pm. Tickets are available through High Desert Chamber Music by phone or online. Come hear
the music!

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