New Perspective for 2018

ARIES~ Conversations in the beginning of January will inspire action at the end of the month. Be ready to move quickly in February and recognize that completion is happening. Make your needs important in March and give yourself a talking to about taking better care of you in the future. Be willing to revisit old conversations in April to create a change in your situation. May is about finding your playful side and bringing more light to your life. Let yourself be seen in June and realize how good this feels. Use extra patience in July and remind yourself that some things simply take time. Appreciate your relationships in August and let them encourage you to explore new experiences. Let go of your fears in September and take a leap of faith. Decisions will be made near the end of October after looking at many sides of the issue. New opportunities begin to surface in November that invite you to expand your world. There will be a lot of behind the scenes activity during December in preparation for new beginnings right at the end of this year. Make a point of looking forward with enthusiasm and confidence.

TAURUS~ January is filled with decisions to let go and move on. February finds you wrapping up old situations to make space for what’s coming next. Action taken in March will bring clear definition about the direction you are heading. Stay focused on your goal in April while many things around you are changing. Unexpected changes in May are the beginning of what will be even bigger changes later. Let others take the lead in June and simply do your best to stay integrated. Trust yourself in August and remind yourself to be honest about what you are learning. Be the cooperative influence in September and let go of watching what other people are doing. Emotions are strong in October and it will be important to have faith in your journey. Listen to your inner voice as you take significant steps in November. Conversations in December are a culmination of what has been going on for the last two months. Be grateful for the clarity and get ready for a fresh start.

GEMINI~ Step back a little in January and focus on improving your self-care. February starts out busy and is followed by a desire to retreat. Be patient in March and let those around you handle as much as possible. Watch for hints in April about changes that are in the works. Appreciate your relationships in May and let yourself discover new ways to integrate with those around you. June brings a lot of activity so stay flexible and be willing to get involved. Shine your light brightly in July and let everyone see how amazing you are. Retracing your steps in August will show you where you need to make changes. Relationships play a big role in September as you find new ways to work with others. Find the gift in the changes during October and realize the benefits of what’s happening. Opportunities encourage you to expand your vision in November to include more than you ever have imagined. Emotions are strong in December and it will be obvious what choices you need to make. Have faith in your intuition and believe in what’s coming next.

CANCER~ Let go in January and leave the past behind. Welcome the support of your friends in February and let them help you move forward. Completion and new beginnings are both available in March when you are willing to be a participant. Keep it simple in April and conserve your energy. A little definition in May will go a long way in helping you feel more confident June introduces you to new ways to enjoy yourself with new and old friends coming into your life. Give yourself a treat in July and remind yourself that you truly deserve this. Check in with your finances in August so that you are more aware of what you need. September brings opportunity in your work environment so be open to what is being offered. October offers more flow than you have felt for a while so make a point to enjoy it. Conversations are complicated in November, but they will ultimately lead to a good outcome. Recognize the cooperation that surrounds you in December and allow yourself to be supported. It’s important to remind yourself that you deserve all the goodness that is offered.

LEO~ An intense January asks for you to be honest about your choices. Conversations in February could feel challenging and require big decisions. Completion in March is intended to make space for new beginnings later. Keep it simple in April and stay focused on your health and well-being. Shuffle things around in May so that you can find more free time for yourself. Ask for change in June and be ready to act right away. Focus on your needs in July and make your happiness important. Invite healing into your heart in August and realize how much you have needed this. Changes in September may move you outside of your comfort zone. More challenges in October could feel like it’s time to let go of what is no longer working. November finds you in the public eye and needing to communicate your feelings. December is about finding completion and preparing for what the New Year is promising. Keep your attention on the future and believe in new beginnings

VIRGO~ Challenges in the beginning of January lead to decisions by the end of the month. Completion in some areas during February will invite you to move on and look to what’s next. Trust your intuition in March as you step into new areas. Cooperation is available in April when you are committed to the necessary process. Unexpected changes in May could provide the support you have been looking for. Change the way you approach something in June to inspire a different outcome. Notice the changes that are happening in July and be grateful for those who have helped you. Do something nice for yourself in August and remind yourself that you deserve this. Slow down a little in September and find a new pace for moving forward. Learn to receive in October and realize this a new level of life experience. Blind faith will be helpful in November as you move into unchartered territory. Explore new ways to integrate with others in December and realize how nurturing it is. Pay attention as the year is ending and realize where you are done.

LIBRA~ An independent attitude in January could challenge your original plan. Feel the freedom during February and realize you are ready for more of this. Focus on yourself in March and realize how good this feels. Pace yourself in April and take each task one at a time. Be ready to move forward in May when doors open for you. A busy June invites you to socialize with the people around you. Stand tall in July and give yourself the credit you deserve. Check in with yourself in August and see what you need most. Continue to address your personal needs in September and you will feel the improvement. An active October includes learning to integrate with others in a new way. Smile as you move into a new position in November and realize how much you have wanted this change. An emotional December encourages you to connect with your family and friends and be nurtured by your time together. Let yourself recharge over the last few days as you are preparing for more new beginnings next year.

SCORPIO~ Express yourself in January and realize you want to be heard. Changes during February will improve your level of integration. Experiment with new approaches in March and be honest about how it impacts your outcome. Stay focused on yourself in April while many things around you are changing. Boundaries are changing in May and it’s important to have faith in what is new. Be willing to stir your situation in June and then let it steep for a while. Let go of needing he validation of others in July and simply Love and support yourself. August brings a healing of your heart and many things improve afterwards. Take a leap of faith in September and it will teach you to have more confidence in yourself. Make a point to enjoy as much as you can during October and it will elevate your viewpoint of life. Stretch yourself a bit in November and have faith in your outcome. Appreciate the opportunity to share your feelings in December and realize this is what you have needed. Find peace with the past as you prepare for new opportunities next year.

SAGITTARIUS~ Conversations in January are filled with long over due decisions. Appreciate the openness that comes in February and move freely. Take a leap of faith in March, listening only to your intuition. New beginnings are exciting in April and it’s important to remember this is the beginning of something much bigger. May provides a new level of enthusiasm as changes become more tangible. Find a healthy distraction in June while parts of the puzzle are falling into place. Get fired up about your future in July and let your intentions be known. Give yourself excellent advice in August then follow through with what you say. Direct your enthusiasm in a constructive fashion in September and you will accomplish what you envision. Take some space in October and reflect on what you have accomplished. November begins a year of expansion so get ready for an abundance of opportunities in the future. Encourage yourself to become a part of something in December and realize you have a lot to offer. Consider being completely honest and open to the possibilities.

CAPRICORN~ Feel confident about your choices in January as you follow your heart. Take a chance in February and realize it could make everything better. March is a time for taking steps forward in a new way that supports your dreams. Be patient with your situation in April and continue to have faith in your long-term vision. Demonstrate your enthusiasm in May when changes start happening. Be patient in June while those around you are rearranging things. Let others have the spotlight in July and simply go about your own business. Decisions in August feel good and seem to support your goal. Make a commitment to the direction you are going in September and changes quickly occur. Open your heart to more support in October and realize how good it feels. Remind yourself in November to delegate so that you can take care of yourself. Let December be a time of connecting with others and allow yourself to feel Loved and nurtured by this. Step back at the end of this year and realize how far you have come.

AQUARIUS~ January brings lots of changes and an increase in your momentum. Let yourself soar in February and enjoy being who you are. March is about being playful and keeping things light. Make a short-term plan in April so that you can see what to do next. Your playing field expands in May and it invites you to explore your options. Focus on the changes you want to make inside of yourself in June and remember that’s where it all starts. Show yourself that you are first on your list in July by the way you treat yourself. August is about letting yourself heal and remembering the value of a time out. Slow down in September and notice the steps you are taking. Challenge yourself to follow your heart in October even if it feels uncomfortable. Life makes more sense in November as you can begin to see light at the end of the tunnel. December finds you looking back and finding completion in your past. It’s time to say “Yes” to something new next year.

PISCES~ Follow your intuition in January and it will lead you to what feels right. Reach for your dreams in February and be willing to embrace them. A deeper understanding in March helps you discover your next steps. Set your own pace in April while many things are changing. The desire to manifest your dreams in May leads you to make significant changes. Trust your feelings in June and be mindful while making choices. Find your quiet space in July and let a lot of the activity go on by. Listen to what you need most in August and slow down if necessary. Decisions are made in September and support is available when you ask. Do what you Love in October and let it fill your heart. Your actions will speak louder than your words in November so notice what you are demonstrating. Everything seems to fall into place in December and you will be able to appreciate where you are. Take a personal inventory and be sure you have what you need to start the New Year.
Love and Light Always,
Eileen Lock
Clairvoyant Astrologer / Spiritual Medium
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