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Editorial - Renee Patrick

The Power of Humor

Read more: The Power of HumorWhen humor goes, there goes civilization.
- Erma Bombeck


Taking ourselves seriously is a great advantage in business. Exuding a sense of confidence, control and respectability can open doors and attract new prospects, but in addition, cultivating a sense of humor can help you lower stress levels, interact more easily with others and even diffuse difficult situations.

Last April Cascade A&E took to the stage at the Tower Theatre with some of our friends and peers in the community. No, we aren’t performers or even have much stage presence, but as part of the first annual Bend Follies we dressed up as raisins and danced to I Heard it Through the Grapevine.

City Councilors, radio and TV personalities and other prominent Bend figures danced, sang, acted and told jokes in front of hundreds of people. It was terrifying but also exhilarating to let loose and laugh at ourselves, and it’s reassuring to know that some very respectable people in the community also have a sense of humor.

Once again the Bend Follies are set to tease and entertain on April 25 and 26 at the Tower Theatre. Established as a fundraiser for the Tower Theatre Foundation, audience members can use their dollars to vote for their favorite act, or purchase a “Shameless Plug” to be incorporated into a Follies sketch onstage.

So give it a try: laugh more, tell a joke or even get some pointers from the Bend Follies. According to Erma Bombeck, our civilization depends on it!

Just Dance

Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance. Great dancers are great because of their passion.
~Martha Graham



When is the last time you danced? Was it a show at the Tower? Barefoot in the grass at an outdoor concert or maybe a spontaneous kitchen jig? Dancing can be a wonderful release, a time of celebration or just a natural reaction to a great song.

The passion for dance is strong in the high desert, and not only with ardent kitchen dancers. On March 8 performers from over 17 different Central Oregon dance companies will take to the stage at Summit High School in a celebration of community, collaboration and of course, dance.

The annual Central Oregon Dance Showcase brings together Irish, belly and jazz dance; modern, tap, Hawaiian and aerial dance and of course the more traditional ballet and ballroom dancing.

Sponsored by Terpsichorean Dance Studio for the 12th year, the Showcase highlights the passion of founder Carolyn Brant. “It’s about the love of dance,” she says. Brant has cultivated generations of dancers in Central Oregon based around the studio’s philosophy that the creative, constructive and disciplined art of movement will help dancers of all ages grow as people.

Still can’t imagine getting on stage? There are plenty of non-competitive, fun dance classes and events around the area for all interests. Learn to Salsa at Broken Top Club on Tuesdays or join in the Contra Dance phenomena at the Boys and Girls Club each month.


Bend Parks and Rec. offers Nia and Zumba classes, and if  you want to dust off your cowboy boots, try line dancing. If these still won’t do, there is always the kitchen!

Just dance.


Artist Resources Abound

Each month in Cascade A&E we publish several valuable resources for the artistic community: a call to artists and a list of workshops and classes.

Whether artists, musicians or actors are looking for another venue to hang art, sing or act, our call to artists section lists a multitude of opportunities for those looking to expand their creative careers; we have even more ongoing opportunities on our website.
This month we have acting auditions for Cricket Daniel’s new play, Helen on Wheels; a call for proposals from 2nd Street Theater for main stage productions, classes and late and off-night shows; invitations to apply to the annual art shows Art in the High Desert and Sunriver Art Faire and an opportunity for professional artists to apply for career-advancing grants from the Oregon Arts Commission.

Are you interested in furthering your artistic career by learning or mastering printmaking, painting or pottery? Or maybe a trip to a warm or foreign climate to seek new inspiration sounds appealing. Check out our workshop listings for the month.

Cindy Briggs is offering a painting vacation to Venice this summer and Spain next year. Work plein air in one of the most beautiful cities in the world or indulge in a cooking class while there. If you would rather stay closer to home, Bend Artist Deanna Hansen is offering a Palm Springs workshop this month for those looking to bring depth to their paintings.

You can find everything from workshops with professional artists at Art in the Mountains, Cascade Fine Art Workshops and Sagebrushers Art Society, book art and watercolor printing at Atelier 6000 or classes on pet portraits and fused glass at Arts Central.
Artist opportunities abound!

Thank You

This January we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the renovation of one of Bend’s cultural assets, the Tower Theatre. It is really a celebration of a community mobilized to not only save a derelict building, but to invest in the health of Central Oregon’s arts and culture for decades to come.

To raise $4.2 million for the renovation was a monumental effort, and many people in the high desert dug deep.  

Clella Thomas, co-chair with Pamela Hulse Andrews for the Encore! Return of the Tower fundraising effort, said it well: “The restoration truly was a grass roots effort. When I attend events at the Tower, I always note the names on the arms of my seat and silently thank those generous donors. And every time I see the lights on at the Tower I am reminded of the amazing community spirit, generosity and vision that made it happen.”

In 2013 Bend again has chosen to invest in the future of our creative organizations by passing Measure 94-4 to fund a Bend Cultural Tourism Fund. Driven by the belief that Central Oregon has a creative economy in addition to our beer, recreation and entrepreneurial economies, a granting program has been formed dedicated to promoting our arts and cultural programs.

Just as each dollar raised for the Tower over 10 years ago was essential to the success, each vote for the Measure counted towards the new fund. The community has again and again supported the arts in Central Oregon, and as a result, our cultural assets are thriving.

Thank you!