Pam Mortensen to Perform at Hawthorn Healing Arts Center

pammortensenReknowned didgeridoo player and musician leads a Sound and Vibration Meditation performance November 17.  

The upcoming evening performance will be a meditation of vibration and sound with didgeridoo, chanting, Native American flute, violin and other instruments to set a space of peace and healing that allows the mind to rest and the heart to open. Seattle musician Pamela Mortensen and local artists Julie Southwell, Dave Goodman, Shannon Fehr and Brennan Morrow will provide music. Come as you are and participate as you like as we share in an evening of light and love.

Award winning artist, Pamela Mortensen has had a long and colorful career in music that began at the age of six with the organ. This first love led her to a lifetime of sound synthesis through digital synthesis, singing, found sounds and composition but nothing prepared her for the didgeridoo.  In 2005, this seemingly simple hollow stick entered into her life and set her on an unexpected path. Seeing the didgeridoo as an organic synthesizer, she weaves  voice, diaphragm, intricate Middle Eastern and Eastern European rhythms with urban beats to tell tales of modern magic and ancient mysticism.

This vocation has taken her through collaborations with Egyptian tabla player George Sedak, Cittaflow, Edward Zincavage, Alexandra Be, Sacred Fire Flute Ensemble and video artist and poet VJ Tasara. The latter has resulted in the mesmerizing show of sound and light Speaking from Spaces in 2009. Pamela’s other adventures have included graduating from Cornish College of the Arts, recording for Bear Creek Studios, teaching piano, voice and didgeridoo at Moore Brothers Music and performances through the West Coast of the US, Europe and Canada and winning the Seattle Artists Award in 1997 and 1999 Yamaha’s Recording Artists Award in 2004 and ASACP’s  New Artists Award in 2005.

Sliding-scale donation, $15 suggested.

For further information please contact the office manager, Jenee’, or Hawthorn Healing Arts Center director Dr. Joshua Phillips at 541 330-0334, or visit the website at  

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