Panel Discussion with the Nebeker Family

(Royal Nebeker | Photo courtesy of At Liberty Arts)

Join us on Saturday, August 24 at 10am for a panel discussion with the Nebeker Family in the Historic Liberty Theater, 849 NW Wall St., Bend. Royal Nebeker’s wife, children and grandchildren share their memories and stories, as they discuss and reminisce on his life and work.

Internationally-recognized Pacific Northwest artist Royal Nebeker frequently used the metaphor of the Night Window to describe the intention behind his work. “This process of painting resembles looking through a night window. I peer out, observing and at the same time see the reflection of the interior conditions of my own reality,” said the late Nebeker. “It is my intent that as the viewer peers into my painting, he will not only see a visual record of meaning in my life, but will discover the reflection of meaning in their own, as in a night window.”

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