Pat Clark’s Newest Success: Atelier 6000 Designated as Non Profit

atelierby APRIL LEWIS Cascade A&E Feature Writer

Atelier 6000 (A6), a fine art printmaking and book arts studio in Bend, was recently designated as a non-profit organization (501c3).  A notable accomplishment for the studio, founder Pat Clark says being non-profit, “gives us a different edge and we can collaborate with print houses, both nationally and internationally, enhancing special offerings to the community.” 

Retiring as a professor, Clark moved to Bend and wanted to continue to do her artwork.  When she realized there wasn’t a place large enough to create her prints, she opened A6 for the third time in 2007.  Atelier is French for “an artist studio or workshop” and 6000 references the elevation of her first studio in Prescott, Arizona. 

Clark had a vision of a working studio where artists of all skill levels could create original designs in printmaking and book arts, and study alongside master artists.  A6 features studies in multimedia artwork with specific emphasis in book arts, printmaking and studio practice, and houses a presentation gallery displaying bi-monthly exhibitions of artwork by various artists.  In realizing her vision for A6, the studio has far exceeded Clark’s aspirations and she looks forward to expanding the production of book arts. 

One accomplishment of the studio Clark is especially proud of is the production of an original book called Vaquero Buckaroo, created in 75 limited editions, each specially bound in leather with Italian long stitching and placed in a cedar wood box.  Each print or book artwork created in the studio is a handmade original, not mass produced artwork, making each piece truly unique. 

Currently, there are two more book art projects in the works, one called Piano Suites coming out in December, illustrating new music sounds and poetry of Robert Samarotto.  Most of the creations in the books are themes contrived of poetry and illustrations from collections of prints made by A6 artists.  For the third year in a row, A6 and Nature of Words will feature Broadsides artworks during the Annual Literary Festival in November, showcasing images with text.

Operating as a non-profit will create specialized opportunities for A6 to work well with other non-profit organizations.  A6 will act as a museum to show the history of printmaking for school groups to view and will feature specialized artists such as wood engravers and photo etching specialists.  Traveling exhibits, in partnership with other print houses, will be showcased in the presentation gallery.  The non-profit status will enable the studio to apply for grants to enlist greater opportunities for class scholarships and more transparent studio to studio collaborations for community members.

Being a place for learning, A6 offers classes in partnership with COCC, OSU-Cascades, Oregon College of Art and Craft and Portland State University, where students can learn directly from master artist teachers. 

“We are a center of information for book arts and printmaking,” says Clark.  “We feel we are a vital part of the creative community in Bend and we want to continue to grow.  Being non-profit will provide a good contribution to the community.” 

A6 is an open studio providing opportunities for artists, from novice to professional expertise, to attend classes, Artist-in-Residence workshops and Art Talks., 389 SW Scalehouse Ct., #120 Bend, 541-330-8759.

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