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Paula Bullwinkel Creates New Art School

By RENEE PATRICK Cascade A&E Editor

paula teachingPaula Bullwinkel, artist educator, has recently announced the launch of her new art school, INTO ART: Learn Art With An Artist. As a licensed classroom teacher for elementary middle school age groups, she is able to easily link art education with other subjects for a more holistic approach to instruction. Through small class sizes teaching by example, Bullwinkel hopes to reveal the personal, powerful relevant aspects that are the soul heart of art.
Bullwinkel wanted to start her own art school for the creative freedom of the endeavor, “I saw a need in the community for a fresh, progressive authentic approach taught by an exhibiting, engaged artist. In kids’ classes, the meaning in art is often omitted or ignored. Progressive art education shows the whole picture: art history, art criticism, art aesthetics, as well as art making.”
Most of the classes she is offering have never been taught in Bend before since the school is br new, she is open to suggestions for courses.  Current classes are offered from ages 8-17 she plans to open the programs to include younger students at some point in the future.
For 20 years, Bullwinkel was a professional fashion portrait photographer in New York City London. Bullwinkel states, “From there I moved on to the challenge of painting the figure in a fantastical or surrealist setting. My images are figurative, narrative allegorical. I often use combinations of my photographs for composition ideas.” Bullwinkel explains that art education can benefit from the authenticity excitement of learning working with a successful artist.
“I look at the student’s concerns, their creative interests imaginative collections, to make art lessons student-centered. Art is one of the most important ways people tell us how they view the world. Children’s natural aptitude can be lost when art teachers impose only adult-centered concepts artworks. Art education should initially focus on student’s ideas because their experiences must be valued built upon. In this way, art lessons can be not only successful, but relevant. Studying art encourages the ability to value oneself others, to approach the world with a desire to underst .”
Bullwinkel has a long history in art education in Central Oregon. With a masters degree in progressive Art Education from Montclair State University, she has included the latest research-based theories in art education including art history, art criticism art aesthetics in her courses over the past seven years. She recently created the Art Academy, the first academic long-term art course for kids in Bend, developed implemented the successful programs Art Envy the art portion of A Novel Idea at the Deschutes County Public Library branches as well as taught at a variety of local elementary, middle high schools.
Bullwinkel will offer four classes this fall: Art, Style & Design, Art in a Virtual Classroom Paula’s Studio Class.
Art, Style & Design is an eight week course which will focus on the origins of great design style. Students will examine how socially conscious fashion style are rooted in classical multicultural art. The class is open to two age groups: 8-12 13-17.
Art in a Virtual Classroom is an eight week course which will break out of the classroom mode visit different locations each week to sketch, paint, explore discuss art issues from an artist’s point of view. The class is open to six students aged 8-12.
Paula’s Studio Class was created for students who would like to pursue their individual interests. Bullwinkel will teach at her studio, keeping the class size to five students in order to provide more personal instruction as well as share her creative process. All media all levels are welcome.
Bullwinkel’s approach to art education not only strives to encourage young artists, but to create an environment in which they can explore their relationship to the world around them. She states, “Through a community of inquiry, students learn to investigate, question, judge art (including challenging my own ideas). I invite risk-taking in both art making art thinking that questions the status quo searches for personal or social truths.”

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