PoetHouse Helping Teens Discover Their Artistic Talents

The PoetHouse is a non-profit art studio and gallery in Bend dedicated to advancing the arts on a local and global level. They help people discover their artistic gifts by generating creativity and introducing them to new forms of art. This organization provides a space for artists of all ages to develop and exhibit their artwork. Story by Ally Hand


“PoetHouse currently does not have a space but we are diligently seeking a new place to land,” explains Founder Sean Anderson. “The finances will be the determining factor for this. We would like to find something between Downtown and the Mill (north to south) and 97 to 14th (East to West). We will be looking for a space similar to the one we had above Tin Pan Alley. A place that can be used both as a gallery and studio space – allowing people to experience finished work, work in progress and the artist space  Which is often a reflection of the artist in their own progress.

“As we move forward, our desire is to retain the best of our past while capitalizing on the potential of our future.”

The PoetHouse has a passion to help educate & empower young people in the arts, academic and life skills, especially individuals who would normally not be in a position to afford that kind of an education. Their desire is to give them a “voice” for their gifts so that they can pay it forward.

Through the years The PoetHouse has offered classes and contributed to the development of hundreds of students, working alongside public schools and organizations like J Bar J, Icon City, Housing Works, College Excel, City Care, Boy’s & Girl’s Club and The Nature of Words.

“We are currently in the process of working on grants for funding to cover both capacity building and scholarships,” continues Anderson. “The scholarships are not just for the classes that we will be teaching but also to help us do something very new and exciting, our artist development program.”

The purpose of the artist development program is to help students in their late teens and early twenties cultivate their artistic abilities, while developing the skills to function independently as young adults. In addition, this will empower them to get into the university or art school of their choosing or even launch them into the artistic career that they have longed for. Through a contracted coaching program, they will also discover the skills needed to overcome obstacles and barriers that have tripped them up in the past.
“Our desire is to make the artist development program a highly collaborative community where students learn to cultivate the internal motivation and the confidence they will need to succeed in college and life,” adds Anderson.

“As I mentioned before we have worked with a number of other organizations through the years, collaborating on some very cool projects… collaboration will continue to be a huge part of what we do.”

The PoetHouse is we will be collaborating with a company called College Excel, a company that is passionate about unlocking the gifts and talents of students while helping them turn their dreams into reality. We will work together to provide scholarships for under-served students who will be given the chance to grow artistically, as well as develop life & academics skills.

While participating in the artist development program, students will give back to the community through serving opportunities with the PoetHouse or some of the other incredible non-profits here in Central Oregon.

541-241-2142  www.poethouseart.com

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