Red Chair Gallery Features Linda Swindle

Creativity and the processes of art have been a lifelong endeavor for Linda Swindle.

She graduated with a bachelors degree in art education which enables her to teach and share her passion for art with others. She has done so at all levels; preschool children through adults. It brings her joy to experience with her students, the process of creation, whether it be a painting on paper, canvas or silk.

Watercolor is the medium that suits her personality, “ I enjoy the freedom and spontaneity that happens and the fluidity of the movement of paint and water. It is very satisfying to stand back and throw some vibrant, juicy paint at a canvas or paper.”

In the past few years, Swindle has started painting on silk. She says painting on silk is very similar to watercolor. The silk is porous and transparent and the dyes flow across the fabric, similar to watercolor on wet paper. She appreciates the vibrant color and the tactile quality of the silk. The added bonus is she can wear her art!

Inspiration comes from Swindle’s daily walk through life. She tries to capture everyday moments such as comical animals, interesting people, strong light and muted shadows, and interesting textures on surfaces. The challenge is then to create a composition that invokes an emotional response in the viewer.

Swindle explains, “ I achieve this by exaggerating the existing color to capture the mood of the subject matter and to create an emotional response to the painting.”
“The gift of creativity is a blessing in my life and has brought me great joy. I am thankful that I am able to share my work, my experiences and for the people that it has brought into my life.”

Linda Swindle’s work can be seen at Red Chair Gallery. She is a member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon.

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