Redmond Museum Opens in September

Redmond Museum will open on September 10 at noon with History Day events celebrating logging lumber mills in North Central Oregon.    
Redmond Museum is the primary project of the newly formed Greater Redmond Historical Society whose mission is “to preserve present all significant records artifacts of historical importance to the Greater Redmond area.”  This year’s exhibit features artifacts from the logging industry, local lumber mills logging activities.
The exhibits will include everything from logging in the forest to the views inside a lumber mill.  There will be exhibits featuring the manufacturing of lumber from the green chain to finished lumber. There are interpretive exhibits of a Mill office, an infirmary even the corner Tavern.   
Free to everyone, History Day events will follow the logging/mills theme.   There will be games for kids adults, live music, free ice cream, raffles lots of prizes surprises…  
All of this has been accomplished by an incredible group of volunteers donors who have dedicated their time, talents resources to make this wonderful Museum family fun day happen.  
At the opening there will be free ice cream, music lots to see   Thereafter, regular hours will be Thursday, Friday, Saturday – Noon to 4pm.  
Redmond Museum
529 SW Seventh Street
redmondmuseum@bendbroadb .com

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