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Glen Douglas Warren Opens Shop in Redmond

Read more: Glen Douglas Warren Opens Shop in RedmondTerry Underhill and Bub Warren have reopened their shop in Redmond, Glen Douglas Warren, at the old potato shed building on 337 Railroad Way. They spent the past two years on Highway 97 operating Cowboy Trading Post. Outgrowing that building, they moved to their new building and will continue to offer museum quality Pendleton Bags and purses as well as western style furniture pieces.

“Recently I finished a bed headboard bench, fully leather carved, with salt and pepper cowhide back, sterling silver from John Hyde at Yamsi, Oregon and rawhided by Bill Black of Plush, Oregon,” explained Warren. The bench incorporated four craftsman, including Brent Gourley who made the wooden bench.

“We are an upscale store, selling custom saddles and leatherwork, furniture, art, bags, gun leathers, jewelry, native American beading and collectible salesman sample saddles for that ultimate collector of our western traditions and past.”

The location, if off the beaten path, is a short distance from downtown Redmond. “Central Oregon has become a destination for many years now and we are like committed to offer opportunity for tourist to take home items hand made in Central Oregon,” offers Warren.

Open six days a week, 8am-5pm, 541-350-2876, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Redmond Community Concert Assoc. New Season Unveiled

The Redmond Community Concert Assoc. (RCCA) is gearing up for its 2014-15 season of five concerts which runs from October to April. About to begin its 31st season, RCCA will continue to present quality live entertainment at an affordable cost to the Central Oregon community.

For the opening show on October 19, RCCA will present the Broadway Tenors featuring musical theatre’s best leading men. They will transport the audience to the New York stage to enjoy some of Broadway’s most beloved hits including songs from Phantom of the Opera, West Side Story, South Pacific and many more.

Victoria Robertson, an accomplished and versatile soprano, will be featured on November 16. Her show ranges from classical to pop and everything in between. She has appeared with numerous symphony orchestras and was Miss USO for seven years -- you can expect some patriotic songs as well.

Next in the lineup is the Swingle Singers appearing February 22. This amazing acappella group of young and talented voices push the boundaries of what the human voice can achieve by making their voices sound like musical instruments.

Arriving from New York City will be Shotgun Wedding, slated for March 15. They will entertain the audience with standards by Merle Haggard, Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, Hank Williams and others.

The season will close on April 19 with Quartetto Gelato. Their genre ranges from classical to folk with unique interpretations that are full of musical beauty, sophistication and surprises.

Tickets by season subscriptions only; five performances $60 for adults, $25 for students under 21 and $125 for a family with students. Loie Boero, RCCA president, advises, “We often sell out, so I urge the community to purchase their tickets soon. Because seats are not reserved, late subscribers have the same chance to secure good seats. RCCA is able to keep its subscription cost affordable because it’s an all-volunteer, non-profit organization. Boero said. “We have more than 40 dedicated volunteers in addition to many generous patrons and advertisers who support us.”

All performances are held at Ridgeview High School’s Performing Arts Theatre in Redmond. Concert times are 2pm and 6:30pm. www.redmondcca.org, 541-350-7222

Jennifer Lake Donates Redmond in Summer

Read more: Jennifer Lake Donates Redmond in SummerCentral Oregon Artist Jennifer Lake has finished her painting Redmond in Summer, a new original painting depicting the City of Redmond during the summer. This is the second of two paintings that Jennifer has donated to the City of Redmond to help raise funds for the public art program.

The first painting, Redmond in Winter, was unveiled at Redmond’s holiday parade and was purchased by local residents Frank and Anne Graham. The ribbon cutting for this second painting will occur right before the Fourth of July parade in downtown Redmond at the Arch at 10am. Frank and Anne Graham have already purchased the original painting to complete their Redmond series.

Limited edition prints, greeting cards and postcards can be purchased from Redmond City Hall, 716 SW Evergreen Avenue. Prints will be signed by Jennifer Lake and will cost $40, greeting cards will cost $2.50 and postcards will cost $0.75.

“We have worked so hard to build a public art program here in Redmond primarily through private fund-raising efforts such as this,” Linda Hill, chair for the Redmond Commission for Art in Public Places added. “We are very grateful to Jennifer for her generous donations and the Grahams for their tremendous support of our program. This is an opportunity for people to own a beautiful new print by Jennifer Lake showcasing all of the beautiful changes in Redmond over the past couple of years at reduced costs while supporting our public art program.”

Local Collaboration Creates Paddleboard Art

by ASHLEY BRUCE, Cascade A&E Editorial Intern


Last year, local retiree Richard Butler took a Central Oregon Community College class teaching him how to construct a paddleboard. He enjoyed the process so much that he decided to continue creating the boards independently and began looking for an artist to help him. Butler felt artwork would add “a personal touch to the board,” and after coming across the work of local painter Judi Williamson, he felt he had found the art it needed to have.

Redmond artist, Williamson, attended the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles and received a bachelor of arts degree from Chico State University, where she graduated in 1992. She works with a variety of materials, including oils, pastels, sculpture, watercolors and bleach. Williamson particularly likes painting horses and people and describes her style as “bold and unique.”

Read more: Local Collaboration Creates Paddleboard ArtRecently, she expanded her repertoire for Butler’s boards. “The latest [board] was inspired by Richard…he likes Hawaiian flowers,” Williamson comments. Butler affirmed his appeal for the work by saying, “I have always liked the Island’s style of art. I wore “aloha” shirts at work and like that motif.”

Together, Butler and Williamson work on the paddleboards, with Butler creating the board and Williamson painting on it. Butler feels the boards are “works of art in wood themselves,” as they are tedious to make. The production of each board takes 60 to 100 hours, not including the painting.

The process includes selecting the wood, sawing it, creating supportive internal frames for it to lie on and sanding it. Butler’s boards are generally constructed of 5-millimeter hardwood plywood and planks of 1/4 to 3/16 inch thick cedar wood, which is used to make a pattern with the wood.

“The wood has a wide variety of colors and grain patterns, so no two boards look alike,” explains Butler. After all finishes and the sanding are done, Williamson paints her design on the boards, using acrylic paint. The board is then sprayed with a coating that protects it against weather and water.  

The duo recently showed both in-progress and completed boards at an open house on April 26 at Noble Romans in Redmond. The boards are now being sold through Butler’s website, www.rbboards.com, or through contacting Williamson. Custom boards are also available.

“I can deliver a board in any stage of construction that a person wants,” explains Butler. “I recently helped a person complete a board in my shop…I would like to do more of that.”

www.rbboards.com, www.judisartgallery.com, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Artwork of Alfred Dolezal at Eagle Crest

Read more: The Artwork of Alfred Dolezal at Eagle Crest Since beginning professional oil painting in 1963, Alfred Dolezal has completed over 250 works. “I have always questioned the reason for living - I was never convinced that we are just born, make a living and die,” says Dolezal. “Even as a child, I started searching for answers and today I know that our lives are governed by the law of cause and effect. We have gotten used to putting our mind on cruise control and have abandoned our dreams and our intuition.”

Through the years, his paintings have often displayed cubistic tendencies and vibrant colors.  He has cultivated a vivid imagination that reveals his mischievous, humorous side and his love for the unexpected. In 1989, he began a series of evocative, symbolic paintings examining the deeper meaning of life.

These eclectic, contemporary, realistic works tell a human interest story, his choice of colors dramatizing their mood and positive theme. Violet and yellow are used in most of his paintings, hues which are outlets for his spiritual expression. Predominant in his paintings are rounded horizons, globes, circular images - all emphasizing his underlying belief in the presence of a loving, immanent force present in everything and in an existence we create for ourselves as a result of our thoughts and actions. “I like to think of my paintings as puzzle pieces that fit together and show you the bigger picture yet.”

Mind Games illustrates this principle beautifully. We all strive for a pleasant life, but occasionally find ourselves lost and tormented in the dark side of our own creation. How did we get there? The first way is the direct way: using a habitual speech and repetitive thought pattern of hating this and that and expecting the worst. The second way is the indirect way: judging with contempt someone who confidently inhabits the upper level and is free to enjoy all of life’s pleasures and rewards. The third way is the paradoxical way: believing you can never fall into this unpleasant state because you are too highly enlightened.

A few people spend most of their time in this lower level; the longer they are there, the more they begin to identify with their fears, worries and dislikes. Their negativity feeds off itself to such an extent that it charges its own source of power, like the blue-glowing creature, bottom center of the painting. Yet, light shines into this underground world and the stairway leading out is always present.

Silhouettes of the creatures below are integrated into the peaceful landscape above. They are reminders of the negative thoughts and emotions that are always present just below the surface and prompt us to be alert and not to fall back into the unconscious mind trap. In order to balance life’s challenges and stay on the upper level, you have to raise the problem to the level where it does not exist: remove yourself from the situation, change it or accept it totally.

Dolezal’s visionary art explores the universal laws of nature and the tools for enlightenment. His goal is to elevate and enlighten the human consciousness through thought-provoking imagery and storytelling. Combining evocative symbolism and mystical surrealism with psychology, history, philosophy, mythology, physics and metaphysics, his paintings offer a blueprint to the human reality, connecting its challenges and rewards to a self-empowered and justly ordered existence. “There are no coincidences and we are not victims in an unjust and chaotic world.” More significantly he questions, “What if our human existence is only like the root of a flower?”

The artwork of Alfred Dolezal invites you to venture beyond that which you think you know- to explore another realm of possibilities where art is much more than just a painting!

The Art of Alfred A. Dolezal, Eagle Crest Resort, Village Square, 7525 Falcon Crest Drive, Suite 100, 434-989-3510, www.alfreddolezal.com, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.