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Hop N Bean Taphouse Pub Sprucing Up Sisters

Read more: Hop N Bean Taphouse Pub Sprucing Up Sistersby Jeff Spry, Cascade A&E Feature Writer


With Suttle Lake Lodge’s Boathouse Restaurant underwater, the Ski Inn struck by a tree and short-term hopes of a Cibelli’s Pizza or Dairy Queen dashed, eating choices in Sisters are getting mighty thin. But Hop N Bean taphouse pub is fixin’ to change that.
Just nine months old, Hop N Bean is going through growing pains going into the new year, with plans to stretch into new territory with an expanded Hop N Bean Pizza Kitchen serving up Italian items for Sisters Country folks. What began as a beer growler station coffee shop with pizza and breakfast burritos is now blossoming into a sit-down, Italian-style cafe this coming spring.

To accomplish this task, owners Mandy Strasser and Phil Haugen plan to cut a hole in the adjoining wall and push into the spot recently vacated by Sunbuster Video.

“It will still be our signature hand-crafted dishes with all fresh ingredients but with more home-cooked comfort food,” said Strasser. “We want to put in a wood-fired pizza oven and a stove with a grill to allow us to make homemade sauces and pastas and more Italian-style food than just the pizza. The current ovens we have don’t allow us to do that. It’ll add another 800 square feet to the business and greatly increase the total capacity.”

Strasser is launched a Kickstarter campaign, an online crowdfunding source for the expansion of the business, with a goal of raising an additional $40,000 to complete the project.  

“Backers will be eligible for a variety of tiered rewards and merchandise starting at $5 all the way up to $5,000 pledges to redeem for everything from hats and pint glasses, to pizza creation opportunities and table-naming rights for their family.”

The expansion will allow for more inside accommodations and an outside seating patio on the side-lawn, allowing them to transform the enterprise into a sit-down restaurant with tableside service. “We’re also looking to expand our menu to include salad selections, desserts and more wines,” Strasser explained. “With the outdoor seating alone we’ll be able to put in twelve or more tables. We’d like to be open early June if we get our Kickstarter funding and will be able to start construction by the end of April.”

Strasser and Haugen are hoping people will check out their Kickstarter site and cash in on some of the great rewards offered and help back the positive project. “We want to thank the whole community for being so supportive of us in opening a new place and helping us grow so fast.”

523 E Highway 20, www.Kickstarter.com, 541-719-1295.

My Own Two Hands - From Where I Stand

Community Celebration April 11 & 12

Friday, April 11

  •          Art Stroll - 3:30 to 6:30pm. Enjoy the rich artistic and musical offerings of Central Oregon. Musicians, artists and art will be in abundance throughout Sisters, making for a wonderful evening exploring the shops, galleries and community centers.       
  •         Community Parade on Hood Avenue between Pine and Spruce Streets - 4 to 4:30pm
  •         Performing Arts Evening - 6:30 to 9:30pm at The Belfry, 302 E. Main Ave.

Saturday, April 12 - Art Auction & Party - 6pm


My Own Two Hands began in 2001 as a fundraiser for the Sisters Americana Project, the educational outreach component of the Sisters Folk Festival. The project began with 'Painted Strings.' Utilizing donated, unplayable guitars, area artists embellished each of the instruments in their individual style. Painted Strings was followed in 2002 with Kite Strings a community Kite Fly and Kite-themed auction and party.


For the past 13 years, My Own Two Hands has celebrated how one individual can change their community for the better by using their own skills in a positive way. The two-day event is a community celebration of the arts; from performance to visual to the written word. My Own Two Hands has it all.

After a city-wide show of visual and performing arts at our Art Stroll on Friday, April 11, the donated works will be put up for auction the next evening for the benefit of the Sisters Americana Project and arts education in the Sisters public schools and community. The Saturday night art auction and party, held at Ponderosa Forge & Ironworks, brings together the art, the artists and the community in a fun evening of celebration featuring great food, live music and both silent and live auctions.


Americana Project is entering the 14th year in the Sisters School District. The Sisters
Americana Project, an educational outreach program of Sisters Folk Festival, has made a positive impact on thousands of students and a tremendous contribution to the community of Sisters and Central Oregon.


The support received from the community throughout the year and during the My Own Two Hands celebration helps us continue the innovative and award-winning arts-education programming.



Lineup Set for 2014 Sisters Folk Festival

The Sisters Folk Festival is busy filling the bill for the 2014 festival, scheduled for September 5-7. “We’ve got about a third of the festival booked, and we’re eager to let folks know who’s coming so far,” said Festival Board Chair Jim Cornelius. “We’re pretty excited about it, we’ve already booked some performers we’ve always wanted to bring here.”

After a three-year hiatus, The Duhks are back on the road to perform old-time, jazz, Celtic folk and punk. They’ll be in town for the festival - a real opportunity for fans who enjoy different threads of music blended into an irresistible sound that simultaneously feels both traditional and modern.

Bluesman and songwriter Eric Bibb offers a musical experience that touches the spirit. “We’ve wanted Eric Bibb at the Sisters Folk Festival for years, and we’re finally making it happen,” said Cornelius. “That’s a personal highlight for me, and we know he’s going to connect in a big way.”

The festival will present a strong lineup of bands. The Ruth Moody Band, led by the soprano voice of the Wailin’ Jenny’s, will deliver heartfelt, sensual songs, while The Brothers Comatose will keep the joint rocking. The East Tennessee-based band The Black Lillies perform their breakneck, brazen and beautiful brand of alt-country. The Caravan of Thieves deliver gypsy-flavored songwriting with a high-intensity live show, while Paper Bird, hailing from Colorado, will play its joyful blend of indie folk, roots and Americana with a unique combination of a dynamic rhythm section intertwined with effortless and flowing harmonies.

The festival continues to be a favorite venue for songwriters. Returning to the lineup is the immensely talented entertainer - and 2013 Encore Artist - Steve Poltz, who thrilled the festival audience last year by crowd-surfing, and packing every venue he performed. “Steve was kind of the buzz of the Festival last year, but a lot of folks missed the chance to catch him,” says Cornelius. “We heard you. He’s coming back. Don’t miss him this time.”


Award-winning singer-songwriters Sam Baker, David Francey, Sara Hickman, and Cahalen Morrison and Eli West will all play the Festival and teach at the Americana Song Academy, held at Caldera September 2-5. The Canadian brother-sister duo of Qristina and Quinn Bachand are a recent booking. They quickly emerged at the top of the international Celtic music world, winning 2010 Top Traditional Group and 2011 Top Duo at the Irish Music Awards.

The early-bird Sisters Folk Festival All-Event passes are $95 until March 1, when they go up to the regular price of $120. The festival sold out in 2012 and 2013, and organizers encourage folks to get their tickets while they last.


“The Festival will be presented similarly to last year, although we plan to increase our capacity by adding performances at both FivePine and The Belfry to host music all weekend,” says Brad Tisdel, executive director.

www.sistersfolkfestival.org, 541-549-4979.

Sisters Folk Festival Receives Luthier Grant

Sisters Folk Festival Inc. (SFF) received a $25,000 grant from the Chichester DuPont Foundation for the Americana Community Luthier Program at Sisters High School. This is the second grant given to the program by the foundation; the first totaled $20,000 and was used to make equipment facility upgrades to better serve the students. The original 2011 grant played a pivotal role in building a stronger, healthier program.


We are so grateful for the Foundation’s faith in this program,” said Development Director, Katy Yoder. “This additional investment elevates this unique class to an even more professional level. There will be more opportunities for cross-curricular learning because of the equipment available to students.” The luthier program develops makers of stringed instruments such as violins or guitars.


Three main areas were addressed in the second grant: safety upgrades, vocational education expansion and construction equipment upgrades. The second grant will provide continuing safety training classes for instructors and will better prepare them for future safety challenges. Enhancements include improved ventilation, replacing safety equipment and the construction of a storage area for guitar cases.


Expanded vocational training will help Sisters High School students to be competitive. The class provides experience students need when looking at fields they might want to pursue. It also gives them a better chance at getting a job working in a design/manufacturing field right out of high school. Several students have graduated from Sisters High School and found work in the field of engineering and luthier because of the training they received. The grant will allow the class to do even more.


In order to build their own guitar or ukulele, students must first take the Woods I class to ensure proficiency and a commitment to the arduous process ahead. The class is the proving ground for the Americana Community Luthier Program and is integrally connected to the success of luthier students. As the foundation class, it is imperative to have equipment that supports the students. Replacement of worn-out tools will help students to continue their work with Habitat for Humanity and local builders who provide low-income housing in our community and beyond.


 “I am so pleased by the support we have been given by the Sisters Folk Festival/Chichester grant,” said Sisters High School Woods Instructor Tony Cosby. “This will move us into a new dimension as far as safety goes, and will enable us to implement the Engineering and Technology part of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).


Info: Artistic Director Brad Tisdel – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A Rising Star & Future Leader



Read more: A Rising Star & Future LeaderHave you ever heard of a seven year old with work on display at a fine art gallery? You’ll see it next month in Sisters at Don Terra Fine Art Gallery owned by Don Patheal and his wife Terri Applegarth.

Cody colorizes pictures of rusted old cars and trucks bringing them to life with amazing results. “Cody Bonn” Clements has a true gift for connecting with people everywhere he goes. His loving smile and innate charm are contagious.

He’s also a natural actor, musician, artist, inventor and athlete. In addition to his art, he has appeared in the movie Baby Genius 2. He has entertained at the Anchorage Center for Performing Arts as a dancer, and he’s been featured on the front page of the Eugene Register-Guard newspaper.

Read more: A Rising Star & Future LeaderCody also excels at Tae Kwon Do. He attends High Desert Martial Arts, an exceptional studio with the multi-award winning instructor, Master Dan Graff. Cody has already won a gold medal for the ‘flying side kick’ at a regional competition. Master Graff says he has Olympic potential.

Cody plays guitar, piano, accordion, flute and drums, and wants to learn the violin next. He’s also composing and doing improvisation. Cody’s incredibly talented music teacher is Brendan Booher who has performed for George Bush and with Garrison Keillor’s Prairie Home Companion. He says Cody is “a natural talent.”

As an athlete, after only two seasons, Cody is an intermediate level snowboarder. His ski instructor Casey Smith, uses a video of Cody for his training classes. Cody hit a bulls-eye his first time at an archery range, and when it comes to baseball, he averages about 18 hits out of 20 pitches.

Then there’s golf; Cody can hit a 5-wood 150 yards, which would be about 200 yards if it were a driver.  

He has a high IQ, is gifted in mathematics, problem solving and is very intuitive. He is currently designing a toy car that transforms into an airplane, then into a boat, and has just completed a project he’s submitting to Lego Magazine.

Even his kindergarten teacher, Miss Terry Anne Paquette at the Waldorf School of Bend, has noticed his leadership skills.

So Cody, what would you like to say to the readers of Cascade A & E?

“Peace, love and happy new year.” Cody you’re a blessing to us all.

Find more of Cody’s artwork at stevenpost.artspan.com 100 percent of all proceeds are going into his college fund.