Scotty Brownwood at Dudley’s

ScottyBrownwoodLocal singer/songwriter, Scotty Brownwood, performs American Primitive – fingerstyle guitar, traditional and modern folk, originals November 29.

“I am a local singer/songwriter who draws heavily on the folk ballad tradition, as well as creating my own material,” explains Brownwood. “Far from a folk purist, I have been accused of being an “alternative folk” player, which is actually a mild epithet given my liberal interpretation of modern folk, which I feel includes a wide array of music.

“This is reflected in my sets, which in addition to my own renditions of traditional tunes, include rock, rag, blues and show music, as well as fingerstyle instrumental pieces and my own songs thrown into the cauldron too.

“The style of picking I have developed over this lifetime is of the American Primitive school, approaching the stylings of Kaukonen, Fahey, Jansch and Kottke (Fahey may have coined the term American Primitive but I’ll let the scholars correct me there). I say approaching… fact is I am a flea on the backs of these big dogs of fingerstyle guitar, however, it is an honor to be helping to keep this style of guitar playing alive, as this kind of unschooled original fingerpicking has largely gone the way of the buffalo.”

Dudley’s on Friday November 29 at 7pm (free). Come on down and relax, kick back and listen to some good guitar, hear some tales of magic, sin, beauty, death, ruin, love and mystery. Not necessarily in that order of importance.

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