Silver Bell – Patty Griffin

Folk singer Patty Griffin, it seems, has long missed out on the fame she deserves. The struggles in the release of her new album, Silver Bell, are characteristic of her undeservedly taxing career. Ready for release in 2000, Silver Bell was shelved due to corporate takeover of the record label she was working with.

Thirteen years and some months later, the album was released, a bittersweet yet triumphant end to Griffin’s 16-year run with A&M Records. Her frustration with the industry is tastefully channeled through her song One More Girl, where she croons, “Do you know what it means to be one more girl on the stage?”

Griffin’s emotions continue to be on display throughout the rest of the 14-track album. Her candid lyrics, accentuated by electric guitar and rapid drum atypical of her traditionally acoustic albums, are striking. Notably, Griffin also sings what are, arguably, her most popular songs, Top of the World and Truth #2. Previously covered by the Dixie Chicks in their 2002 Home album, these songs were made famous before Griffin was able to release her album.

Although the record hasn’t received the radio time it deserves, it is worthy of a close listen. Silver Bell is a welcome addition to any Griffin fan’s collection.

by Ashley Bruce


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