Sisters Exhibits-June2016

Buffalo Horn Gallery
167 West Sister Park Dr., 541-549-9378
Featuring the work of Ted Lettkeman, Alix and Gary Lynn-Roberts, western oil painter.

Canyon Creek Pottery
310 North Cedar St., 541-390-2449,
Fine handmade pottery by Kenneth G. Merrill made in Sisters.

Cha For The Finest Gallery
183 East Hood Ave., 541-549-1140
Fourth Friday Art Stoll in Sisters on April 22, 4-7pm.

Clearwater Art Gallery
303 West Hood, 541-549-4994,
Fourth Friday Art Stroll June 24, 4-6 pm. Exploring Great Artists

Cowgirls & Indians Resale
160 SW Oak St., 541-549-6950
Ongoing exhibit, beads, buttons, vintage jewelry and art.

Hood Avenue Art
357 West Hood Ave.,, 541-719-1800,
Featured artists thru June 23: watercolorist Winnie Givot and pottery artists Mitch and Michelle Deaderick. Whether a face, a flower, a mountain, Givot connects with and finds meaning through beauty, which then fills her stunning watercolors. The Deaderick husband and wife team create individually-crafted ceramics.
Featured artist June 24–July 22: oil painter Katherine Taylor, who forms two dimensional images that call the viewer to step into a world they may momentarily experience as three dimensional.
Reception for Taylor Fourth Friday Art Stroll, June 24, 4-7pm. Come to Fourth Friday Art Stroll for art demos, refreshments, live music and fun, it’s free and open to the public.

Ken Scott’s Imagination Gallery
222 West Hood Ave., 541-912-0732
Scott’s fabulous designs in metal prompt imagination and admiration, wide ranging decor with hints of other, more romantic eras, to a decidedly whirlwind love affair with the future.

The Jewel
221 West Cascade Ave., 541-549-9388
Ongoing exhibit, jewelry by Mary Jo Weiss.

Jill’s Wild (tasteful!) Women Showroom
207 N Fir St., Ste. G, 541-617-6078
Artwork, cards, giftware and ceramics.

Sisters Art Works
204 W Adams, 541-420-9695,
M-F. 10am-5pm or by appointment. Fourth Friday Art Stoll in Sisters on June 24, 4-7pm.

Sisters Gallery and Frame Shop
252 W Hood Ave., 541-549-9552,
Gallery open 11am-5pm daily, except Sunday, 12-5pm. Wildlife photographer, Doug Beall.

Studio Redfield
183 East Hood Ave., 541-588-6332
Featuring hand-painted tiles ceramics, art cards, jewelry, abstract paintings and impressionistic landscapes, hand-painted mugs, bright decorative ceramics, wire baskets, tiled end tables, clay tribal masks by Lillian Pitt and chic organic jewelry by Kristin Cahill.

The Porch
243 N Elm St., 541-549-3287,
Featuring Casey Gardner’s acrylic paintings.

331 W Cascade St. 541-549-6061,
Fourth Friday Art Stoll in Sisters on June 24, 4-7pm. Where Paint and Textiles Meet Abstract Landscapes. Mt. Bachelor—Keeper of Secrets by Judy Hoiness, a well–known Bend artist has used a mixed media approach with vintage textiles, printing, painting and drawing in this series. She and Jean Wells have worked corroboratively with abstract landscape as their theme.
Earth Stories by Jean Wells explores the colors and textures of our Central Oregon landscape as well as the beach. The landscape theme throughout shows imagery held together with paint and thread connecting the creative pulse with an appreciation for nature’s bounty. Their work tells stories about what inspires them.

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