Steering Your New Relationship in the Right Direction

Relationships are difficult to navigate, no matter who is involved in them and no matter how much time has already been invested in them. It is for this reason why steering them in the right direction during their earliest days is of the utmost importance, as doing so gives them the strength they need to be more wholesome, happier and healthier going forward.

If you are in the brink of entering into a new relationship, or if you have only recently started one, then steering it in the right direction should be your only goal. Advice on doing so can be found below.

Practice common sense

Common sense is not commonly practiced in relationships, but if it were there would be a far greater number of happier ones out there.

By solving problems you are having with your other half using a common sense approach, you will take away all the emotion that is causing the trouble and, therefore, make the situation easier to diffuse. When you come to working out your problems in this way, you should, first, sit down and decide what it is that is actually bothering you. Despite being in a relationship, you are still yourself, and you have a right to have your own take on whatever situation is plaguing your relationship, and you should decide what is bothering you so much about it during a few moments of personal reflection. You should then take your reflections to your partner, discussing with them everything that you think and in return listening to everything that they have to say.

Cut out toxic parts of your past

You do not want your new relationship to turn out to be toxic, but this is likely to turn out to be the case if you come into it holding on to all the poisonous parts of your past. Whether this is a hostile ex girlfriend that you are still in contact with, a particular trait that you have that is not at all helpful, or a group of friends that only ever get you in trouble, keeping them around will only push your partner away from you, stretching your relationship into an unhealthy position in the process. So, cut them all out and help your new relationship to steer clear of toxicity.

Do not suffocate your partner

It’s healthy to be enthused by your new partner and it’s okay to want to be all over them, but doing so may not go down too well with them. Quite simply, you do not completely know this person you are in a relationship with just yet, and, therefore, do not know how eager they will be to give back the attention you are giving them. If they are not eager to do this, then they will begin to feel suffocated by you, and that will only result in them calling a premature end to your relationship. So, test the waters for a bit, and offer your loved one some space from time to time.

Entering a new relationship is not only a fun and exciting time, but it’s also a very important time. So, nurture it, and take the advice above when you do.

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