Sue Lyon-Manley a Passion for Plein Air

Long-term Bend resident and local artist Sue Lyon-Manley is passionate about her environment and the personal relationship she has with it.  Lyon-Manley’s work reflects an emotional reaction to her surroundings.  

“Early in my painting career, my mentors told me to paint what I love and that my emotions would translate to my paintings, giving them a unique signature,” explains Lyon-Manley.  “I have always felt a strong emotional relationship with the Central Oregon landscape which has nourished me as an artist and outdoorsman.  When I allowed my physical and intellectual sensations to fuse with my painting, I began creating impressionistic landscapes that I find increasingly interesting beyond the literal interpretation that my earlier work suggests.”

Lyon-Manley’s landscapes are primarily painted ‘plein air’ (on-site)  and her current body of work focuses on taking her plein air work to a new level in her painting career – creating impressionistic-to-abstract images based on work done on-site. Combining the emotional sensations of working in the field with in-depth studio work, Sue is able to translate those emotions into a deeper connection with the world that surrounds her.

Lyon-Manley competes in local plein air competitions and most recently in the Driggs Digs Plein Air competition in Idaho. Lyon-Manley is a founding partner and active member of the Red Chair Gallery in downtown Bend, as well as active member of the Plein Air Painters of Oregon and Sagebrushers Art Society.

She is the owner and founder of Cascade Fine Art Workshops, which exposes her to national and internationally known ‘modern master’ artists that continue to challenge her knowledge and exposure to art outside of Central Oregon.

Lyon-Manley’s most recent work is showcased in the October Featured Artist show at the Red Chair Gallery, Bend.


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