Sunriver Resort Lodge Betty Gray Gallery

(Artwork above: Vista from Above by Marjorie Wood Hamlin)

Sunriver Resort Lodge Betty Gray Gallery presents paintings by Marjorie Wood Hamlin in the lower gallery. Joining and continuing through Labor Day, the upper gallery features the 12×12 Squared exhibit of small works in addition to paintings by JM Brodrick and Kelly Thiel and photography by Charlie Thiel.

Marjorie Wood Hamlin’s paintings appear in the lower gallery. Recognized as an international artist, she studied art from her teens, earning a degree in applied art and art history. The artist’s distinguished exhibitions beyond the U.S. include the Florence Italy Contemporary Biennale and in Granada and
Almeria, Spain.

The Women’s Caucus for Art, a NGO of the United Nations, featured the video of her environmental painting series. The event presented only 35 women’s art during the United Nations Women’s Month 2015.

The artist exhibits a unique style both in technique and in image. Using copper and gold foil enhanced with 23K gold leaf on non-adhesive surfaces, she interprets images derived from the earth. The artist has begun the patent process for this technique, one of her invention.

Wood Hamlin also exhibits fictitious landscapes of rich colors that arise purely from her imagination, Popular for its uniqueness and adaptability in multiple settings, the artist’s work enhances homes and offices from Hawaii to Maryland as well as Portland and throughout Central Oregon.

The Lodge upper gallery summer exhibit introduces a new concept for the local art community. Springing from the extensive creative ability of JM Brodrick, local Bend artist, the 12×12 Squared exhibit presents the official launch of acommunity of artists annual collective show.

Local artists will present twenty 12” x 12” paintings, all priced at $250, that feature a variety of art, artists, themes and painting styles. The exhibit offers first-time collectors and all others the opportunity to begin or extend their lifelong appreciation of collecting art. 12×12 Squared will be presented again in 2019, becoming an annual event, with the goal of more artists and paintings, creating an even larger event.

Participating artists include: JM Brodrick, Kristine Cooper, Francie Garman, Janice Druian, David Kinker, Michelle Lindblom, Karen Ruane, Lisa Sipe, Barbara Slater, Jeanette Small, Tamara Stephas and Kelly Thiel. The exhibit offers the opportunity to view this innovative art endeavor at Sunriver Resort Lodge, to start or continue collecting, and to be among its first supporters, watching it grow into full bloom!
Among the 12”x12” Squared exhibit, as well as among the three featured main exhibit artists are both JM Brodrick and Kelly Thiel. An award winning artist with recognition from the National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society, Brodrick notes that she “works toward merging realism with the abstract.”

Kelly Thiel, with exhibitions across the US and in England, states that her “obsession with personal stories that dwell within us” gives rise to her narrative artworks. The demonstrative facial expressions of female subjects intimate the individual’s story seen in her paintings.

Also among the main featured artists is photographer Charlie Thiel. He offers the sale of his unique photographs to support My Library, a non-profit organization creating community libraries in underdeveloped areas. His images are from a 2016 trip to the village of Luang Prabang in Laos, where the artist helped teach local students the beginnings of photography.

This summer quarter exhibition also marks the beginning of the 23rd year of exhibitions curated by Turner for the Sunriver Resort Lodge Betty Gray Art Gallery. The lodge galleries are open all hours and for information please contact Billye Turner at 503-780-2828 or

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