Milky Way at Todd Lake by Russell Wells

Sunriver Resort Lodge Betty Gray Gallery Quarterly Fine Art Exhibition Series Features Images of Winter

The series reflects the Monica Setziol-Phillips sculpture, The Four Seasons, added to the resort permanent collection during the 2015 renovation of the lodge. The four panel artwork hangs in the lodge Living Room.
Exhibiting for the first time at the lodge gallery is photographer Russell Wells. A 17-year-old junior in a local high school, Wells is a self-taught photographer. A Bend native, the artist acquired an appreciation for the beauty of Central Oregon at a young age. In his early teens, he asked for the present of a camera with an interest in photographing the night sky.
With his first camera, the artist began photographing the complex imagery of the Milky Way. Over a two-year period, he developed considerable skill, teaching himself landscape photography from capturing the image to the final print production.
Wells notes, “Every day I continually admire God’s amazing creation and strive to capture the elements of His world. It’s my goal to share the beauty of God’s creative work and bring the outdoors…indoors.”
His imagery at the Sunriver Resort Lodge Betty Gray Gallery includes night photography of the Milky Way, Sparks Lake at sunset and Crater Lake. This presentation in the upper gallery at the Sunriver Resort Lodge Betty Gray Gallery marks the first professional exhibition of Well’s photography.
Exhibited with Wells in the upper gallery are oils by Ann Bullwinkel, Joanne Donaca and Janice Druian. Bulwinkel shows an impressive 4’ x 5’ oil of Mt. Shasta in heavy snow as well as her image of the Umpqua’s winter shoreline. Donaca presents Mt. Bachelor viewed from the snow-laden banks of the Deschutes as well as large format rendering of coyotes searching for food. Druian depicts Warner Valley’s sagebrush dusted with snow in a vast winter vista of the Steens Mountain region.
In the lower level of the lodge gallery, William Logan continues his show of the rugged Rockies of the northwestern U.S. and Canada in winter. He also presents scenes of the Cascades.
Sunriver Resort invites the public to the exhibition, open all hours and continuing through March 26. Billye Turner organizes the Sunriver Resort Lodge art exhibits with info at 503-780-2828 or

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