Sunriver Stars Community Theater

Depending on when you are reading this information there may still be time to get tickets for Play it Again Sam by Woody Allen and directed by Sandy Silver, playing June 2-4.

It is an uproarious story of a man looking for love, who employs advice from a fictitious Humphrey Bogart.

In the not too distant future Sunriver Stars will be presenting:Hang On The Bell Nellie, written and directed by Eugene resident Bill Walton. It is an old-fashioned melodrama where you can boo the villain and cheer
the heroine.

Hang On The Bell Nellie is a play that features a nasty villain, Handsome Jack Vaselino, and Jim Mainstay, the hero who is home from “Over There” and the virtuous Nell who tries to save the day.

Auditions are to be held June 27-28 from 6-9pm at Village Properties Room 208 in the Sunriver Business Park for seven men and four women. Arrive at 6pm so attendees can interact together with their readings.

The play will be performed on August 25-26 evenings and August 27 matinee. This will be the first summer-time play. They also need extras (no lines) and an asstistant director/production manager, props person and other helpers. Women range from 20s to 50 plus, men range from 20s to 50 plus. High schoolers are encouraged to audition.

Characters include Nell’s dad, Ambrose Finely and his bartender, Danny Firmheart. Also Pearl Murine (Ambrose’s sweetheart) and Kitty Murine, (Pearl’s daughter) and bar girl at Ambrose’s Inn, Sheriff John Watt and Mr. Fly, (a local).

Hang On The Bell, Nellie is an old fashioned but modern melodrama with music, jokes and lots of action. This show has been produced in Brownsville, Drain, Pleasant Hill, Astoria, Eugene and on Cablevision in Eugene

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