Sunriver Stars Community Theater News

What can one say for the newspaper when there is no news? The STARS are doing what everyone in Sunriver is doing; sheltering, and keeping safe and well. Our 2020-21 season is on hold until we can “gather” again. We have four shows ready to be produced, directed and presented, but with the uncertainty of the future, it is impossible to predict when we will be able to proceed. Victoria Kristy, our artistic director, is anxious to present The Wizard of Oz in the fall,  but unless it is safe for people to gather, we fear there would be no audience. So, we are officially on hold pending “opening” of the State rules. 

The Sunriver STARS have positioned themselves to be a valuable part of the Sunriver community, and have contributed effectively to the education of children and adults in the performing arts. We will be ready to resume again when it is deemed safe.

Rather than “On With the Show,” we are saying “Wait For the Show.” Until Then!


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