Sunriver Stars to Perform Nutcracker at the Sharc

(Artwork | Courtesy of Sunriver Stars)

Nutcracker… it takes a village!

When a director decides to put on a show, he or she can’t do it alone. It takes a village, and in the case of the Sunriver Stars’ upcoming production of Nutcracker, the play, it is “villagers” from the Sunriver, La Pine and Bend communities who are coming together to make the magic happen!

Start with 30 talented local actors and nine crew members aged six to 86 who will devote 34 evenings to learning their lines and blocking for the play.

Add in the generosity of Kent Elliott and the Board of the Sunriver Chamber of Commerce, who are sharing community space with SSCT for rehearsals.

Then mix in the talents of chef Kelly Day and owner Laura Bliss at South Bend Bistro, who are working hard to create a masterpiece dinner for opening night.

Toss in donated stays and golf games from the Sunriver Resort, vacation home stays and gorgeous donated items from local shops to make the opening night silent auction shine!

Then, last but certainly not least…. we invite you to reserve your place now at This is a recipe for magic beginning December 5 at the SHARC Benham Hall with the Opening Night Gala, which includes a delicious meal, a silent auction, a special treat and an amazing show. Only 100 seats are available for the opening evening of fun.

The holiday magic continues at the SHARC with evening presentations of Nutcracker on Friday, December 6 and Saturday, December 7, both at 7pm. If you prefer a matinee, we are offering two; Saturday, December 7 at 2pm and Sunday, December 8 at 2pm.

After opening night, there will be beverages and substantial food items available for purchase before all performances and at intermission.

Come be a part of the magic!  Come be a part of the fun!  Come join your fellow villagers at Nutcracker.

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