Jewelry by Suzy Williams

Suzy Williamson Returns to Red Chair

Inspired by architecture and geometric form, jewelry artist Suzy Williamson creates hand fabricated jewelry using silver, copper, gold and brass. From earrings to rings and necklaces, every piece is masterfully crafted and exhibits a firm grasp of modern design. She has been creating artistic jewelry and working with customers on custom designs for over 20 years.

Formerly a member of Red Chair Gallery, she has recently rejoined the gallery and is excited to be back and have a space to permanently display her works. For the past two years she has focused on selling her work at juried art shows throughout the West.

She says, “I participated in 16 shows last year, traveling throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Utah. It was a lot of fun, a lot of hard work and I learned so much! But it was exhausting so I’m going to do fewer shows and have more work available at Red Chair this year.”

To continue moving forward in her jewelry making abilities, Williamson takes at least one workshop or class each year to add to her palette of techniques. “I recently studied for a week with Joan Tenenbaum, a very talented and well known art jeweler living in Gig Harbor, Washington. We worked on precision fabrication and layout. I learned a great deal to help me take my jewelry to a new level,” she said.

Many of Williamson’s beautiful one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces explore texture through etching and rollprinting and dimension by creating hollow forms. Other works combine sterling silver and copper and are often enhanced with pearls and gemstones. While hand-crafting each piece, Williamson works primarily with silver but often adds gold, copper and brass for a mixed metal look.

She states, “I love the contrast of different metals together in one piece.”

In addition to Red Chair Gallery, Williamson works out of a shared jewelry studio, Torch Jewelry Collective, with fellow jewelers Mary Jo Weiss and Denise Harrison. The group hosts occasional open studio events and Suzy is available by appointment to show her work or arrange a custom design.

Suzy Williamson is one of the Featured Artists for February at the Red Chair Gallery.


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