Temporary Tattoos with a Twist

Founder and owner of Conscious Ink Frank Gjata has spent years as a life coach thinking of unique ways to keep clients and himself focused on their goals and intentions. He has started a business that takes the fun idea of designing temporary tattoos and combines it with positive insight. Inspiration for Conscious Ink manifested when Gjata’s daughter brought home a gift bag from a party that contained temporary tattoos. While he was wearing one of these tattoos, he began to think about the kind of impact that could manifest if there were temporary tattoos readily available to imprint positive messages on the body.

Conscious Ink’s mission is to spread love and raise consciousness around the world, one body at a time. They offer manifestation temporary tattoos that are safe, non-toxic and made with FDA certified colorants. Every Conscious Ink manifestation tattoo is made entirely in the USA, and each tattoo features empowering words, quotes and affirmations that help to motivate and inspire.
Think of other self motivation tools you have seen. It is similar to that of leaving notes on your mirror so that you are able to visualize your goals every day. With these messages having direct contact on your body, Gjata believes the messages have even more impact. Whatever you want to manifest can now be tangible.
Users of Conscious Ink tattoos have a variety of ways to work on themselves and their goals. The tattoos can be for motivation, grieving, healing, rewarding or just for fun. Tattoos can be bought individually, in packs of eight or as a starter kit filled with ten of their most popular tattoos. All of these options are under $25.
Why temporary tattoos you might ask? Having the tattoos be temporary allows users to switch out messages for themselves as their goals or needs change. “With permanent tattoos, the significance of the message may fade as time goes on. The manifestation tattoos from Conscious Ink can change as we do, and therefore we can appreciate them even more,” says Gjata. This in the moment method allows appreciation to be fluid and adaptable, just as life is.

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