Terpsichorean Dance Studio Dances into Summer

The Terpsichorean Dance Studio is proud to present its 2018 dance recitals: A World of Myth and Legend and The Legend of Mulan: an original ballet. Both shows are performed by student dancers ages four to 12, 13 to 18, and adults 60 and over. All shows are family-friendly and a great experience for art lovers and those enthralled with story-telling.

A World of Myth and Legend tells the story of human history and mythology through time, including greco-Roman mythology, Norse, tales from the Seas and American Folklore. The full show is told through dance. Jazz, modern, contemporary, tap and hip hop all come together to share some of histories greatest legends.
A World of Myth and Legend: Friday June 22 at 7pm and Saturday June 23 at 3pm at Summit High School Auditorium.

The Legend of Mulan: an original ballet is the story of a young girl in medieval China that must put down the gown and take up the sword to help her country against the invading Huns. The ballet is composed of music from a variety of works, and is completely original in choreography and plot. Choreographed by Karlenn Smith, Daisy Marsden and Amy Marsden. This is the first full ballet that TDS has ever presented in its 43 years of dance.

The Legend of Mulan: an original ballet: Saturday June 23 at 7pm at Summit High School Auditorium

Tickets at tututix.com/TDSDANCE

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