Terpsichorean Dance Studio Presents Annual Dance Recital

TerpsichoreanThe Terpsichorean Dance Studio presents its 39th annual recital, Hold on Tight to Your Dreams. The performance will take place at the Summit High Auditorium on Friday, June 20 at 7pm and Saturday, June 21 at 7pm.  The show represents a year’s study for our dancers aged 18 months through adult.  


Join the dancers as their dreams come to life as interpreted in ballet, jazz, modern, tap, hip hop and musical theatre pieces. You will see every dream possible including those pesky nightmares. These amazing visions come alive in colorful and creative costumes. Each performance will offer a slightly different cast of dancers and characters.


The sale of souvenir t-shirts, flowers, videos and refreshments will fund the Terpsichorean Dance Studio’s Scholarship Fund. This fund benefits many dancers, enabling them to take class, where it might otherwise be impossible.


Reserved seat tickets are $9 advance, $10 at the door and will be available at the Terpsichorean Dance Studio, 1601 NW Newport Ave. Bend, Monday through Thursday from 3- 6pm.  


Registration is now open for the studio’s Summer Session which will run July 7 through August 8 for dancers of all ages.  


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Terpsichorean Dance Studio at 541-389-5351

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