The Ancient Japanese Art of Raku Lives On

Look around you! Clay is very much a part of each of our lives. From the ground we walk on to the vessels we eat with, the tile in our homes, the planters in our gardens, the decorative ceramics and beadwork we wear; clay has many faces and purposes. Raku Clay Artists of Central Oregon invite you to their biannual show on May 10-11. Story by Linda Goering


One of the most intriguing and enchanting types of pottery making is the ancient art of raku. The piece of pottery is formed and fired once to 1800 degrees to hold it shape. It is then glazed and refired in an outdoor kiln. It is then quickly removed by the artist and placed in a pile of leaves and pine needles. This combustible material ignites, is quickly covered and left to simmer and smolder for a few minutes. The piece is then removed, plunged into water and the glaze of shimmering, iridescent colors begin to dance before your eyes. Glorious coppers, magnificent blues and magentas evolve and sparkle as it interacts with the oxygen in the air.


Raku Clay Artists of Central Oregon (RACO) invite you to their biannual show on May 10-11. All pieces at the show are for sale and special orders may also be placed. Each artists’s work is unique and individual from wall art, bowls,decorative and functional dinner ware and jewelry. Admission is free.


A portion of the sales is being donated to Sara’s Project, part of the St. Charles Foundation. Sara’s Project promotes women’s health through grants for research, education and breast cancer support services in Central Oregon.


Please join us for this event, meet the artists, and enjoy the display of incredible work at the Environmental Center. 16 NW Kansas Ave. Bend. OR


Friday, May 10: 1pm to 7pm & Sat. May 11: 10am to 4pm.


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