The Daughter’s Walk by Jane Kirkpatrick

Jane Kirkpatrick is known for her novels filled with rich, historical facts, centered around real-life women’s lives. In

The Daughter’s Walk (WaterBrook, April 5, 2011) she takes readers on a journey they’ll not soon forget. The Daughter’s Walk is based on the 1896 true story of Norwegian American Helga Estby who accepted a challenge from the fashion industry to walk from Spokane, Washington to New York City wearing the new women’s reform dress within seven months to earn $10,000 save her family farm. Her nineteen year-old daughter, Clara, became her reluctant companion on the 3,500-mile trek that followed our nations’ railroad tracks.

Kirkpatrick picks up where the fact of the Estbys’ walk leaves off to explore Clara’s continued journey. What motivated Clara to take such a risk in an era when many women struggled with the issues of rights independence? And what personal revelations brought Clara to the end of her lonely road?

The Daughter’s Walk weaves personal history fiction together to invite readers to consider their own journeys family separations, help determine what exile forgiveness are truly about.

Kirkpatrick is the award-winning author of three nonfiction books sixteen novels, including All Together in One Place, BookSense76 Bestseller A Name of Her Own the Christy Finalist , WILLA Literary Award Winner A Tendering in the Storm A Flickering Light is a finalist in the 2011 Oregon Book Awards.

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