The Day The Indians Came

indiansAuthor Barbara Knight is due to release her seventh book this December, The Day the Indians Came, in the children’s series, The Adventures of Penny The Mustang Pony.

The series of books was written for children 6-10 for adults teachers reading to younger children. When creating The Adventures of Penny, Knight wanted the books to have a good moral message be something children would really enjoy reading.

“Children of today need more reality,” states Knight. “Each of Penny’s adventures has a lesson that children can relate to within their own lives.”

Knight’s series includes: The Rescue, The Cowboys, The Storm, The Lost Boy, The Stampede, The Forest Fire The Day the Indians Came.

Knight was born raised on a farm in Nebraska has a love for horses that began when her Uncle gave her a pony when she was about eight years old. Since then she has had up to four horses at one time. 

The book’s illustrator is Dale “Wink” Burgess, who was raised in Wisconsin now lives with his wife in Central Oregon. Burgess’s livelihood comes from crafting leather work painting with oil water colors.


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