The Quiet American: A Timeless Tale

by MITCH GRIMMETT, A&E Editorial Intern


quietamericanOn May 20 the Bend Ukulele Group will be hosting The Quiet American for a workshop and show that is sure to delight every set of ears in attendance. Aaron Keim and his wife Nicole are a talented folk duo that has been quickly gaining the attention of music lovers everywhere with their new album Wild Bill Jones. The album attempts to take listeners back in time to a place dominated by sheriffs and black hat wearing desperados, through a series of reliably crafted songs that tell a rather tragic tale.

As Aaron explained in an interview with Hood River News, “The song Wild Bill Jones is about two men who fall in love with the same woman. One of them shoots the other and then the shooter hangs. We took this story and told it from each of their perspectives.”

Furthermore, as if that weren’t enough to pique one’s interest, some of the instruments that help the duo to breathe life into this tale were built by Aaron himself. Aaron builds ukuleles and banjo ukuleles for Mya-Moe Ukuleles in White Salmon, Washington. These instruments are used by many well-known artists, such as Eddie Vedder and the legendary Mumford and Sons.

Needless to say, the wait time for one these hand-crafted, quality instruments is extensive and readers that are looking to begin their own ukulele adventures may want to place their orders ahead of time. However, even if you don’t intend to pick up a new instrument in the near future, May 20 is a date to mark on the calendar for anyone that enjoys the art of storytelling as well as a solid country duet.

If an event including both of these things sounds irresistible, head down to Kelly D’s on Monday night to learn from incredibly passionate musicians at the 6:30pm workshop while enjoying great food and drinks at the main show only an hour later. In addition, the Bend Ukulele Group is encouraging young players to come out and attend the workshop by pricing youth tickets at a mere $5 for both workshop and show access. All proceeds from this event will go to Aaron and Nicole, so make sure to come get your ukulele fix during this very special evening.



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