Susan Adams works on the Potters Wheel

Throwing Pottery – An Expressive Art Form

Susan Adams works on the Potters WheelBy LINDA GALLOWAY

Three local potters are spotlighted at Redmond Ambiance Art Co-op during the month of August.

Susan Adams of Adams Ranch Pottery recently walked me through the process of taking the clay to the final firing of a finished piece of pottery.

It was fascinating to watch the bowl take shape learn how the pressure of your fingers the speed of the potter’s wheel affect the piece of art being formed.

Adams has been throwing pottery since 1965 has taught many classes at COCC is now teaching out of her shop in Terrebonne. She took formal classes but states that actually creating the pottery is the best teacher. She makes her own glazes fires all of her pieces at her studio.

Mitch  Michelle Deaderick are a pottery team that work together on a single piece. Mitch throws the pottery Michelle will come along carve or add unique pieces to give each piece character. Lately they have been adding stones.

The couple met in 1980 when he was a potter from Carpitairia, California Michelle was going to Central Oregon Community College majoring in ceramics. They just clicked have been together for 31 years.

Mitch began throwing pots in high school  has taught adult education classes. Michelle has taken classes in Greece last year took glazing classes on the Oregon coast, which she believes is an important part of the final color gives a certain wow factor to the pottery.

Mitch & Michelle have been featured in galleries shows in Utah Zion Park, Arizona, Alaska, Idaho Northwest coast.

The Deadericks’s specialize in garden lanterns, large pots Raven Queens. Their work can be found at Ambiance Art Co-op, Donatera, Pronghorn, Camp Sherman Store Black Butte Ranch.

Adams’ the Deaderick’s pottery can be seen at the Ambiance Art Co-op in Redmond or

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