To Tell the Truth Returns on Thanksgiving Weekend

To Tell the Truth, the popular storytelling show that debuted last year, will return on Friday and Saturday, November 24 and 25 with an all new program of true life monologues performed by local performers.

As they have done in the past, the mysterious and secretive impresarios, Two Twisted Sisters, will produce this all-new collection of first person narratives. While the Sisters refuse to be interviewed in person, they have chosen producers Howard Schor and Dan Cohen to speak on their behalf and to execute their instructions for the program. “We ordered those two clowns to scour the Bend environs and bring us the most amusing and engaging stories.”

When asked why they selected Thanksgiving weekend for their latest show the older Sister remarked, “After people gorge themselves on turkey and trimmings they don’t know what to do with themselves.” “Even worse,” the younger Sister chimed in, “they don’t know what to do with relatives and other company who insist on staying the whole weekend. So this is a good way to get ‘em out of the house for a couple hours.”

As they did last year, the Sisters are assembling a program that will include a mix of local media personalities and newcomers to the storytelling scene. And instead of a one night show, this year’s program will be held on two nights, at Bend’s renowned 2nd Street Theater.

The theme for this year’s show will be The Past Never Dies. Performers will be encouraged to plumb their souls for stories both mirthful and mournful and to keep them under ten minutes. Once again, the same rules for last year’s shows will apply: storytellers will be required to tell true stories without the benefit of notes, visual aids or their friends prompting them from the audience. “It’s a series of solitary human beings spilling their guts to a gaggle of strangers,” said the younger Sister. “We may bring them on with a musical intro, but that’s all the help they’re going to get!”

In addition to the storytellers, special guest Stephanie Crespo will be on hand to enliven the proceedings with a couple of songs. Tickets will be available through 2nd Street Theater. Showtime will be 7:30pm on both Friday and Saturday. Because there’s no way to insure the content of stories, parents are cautioned to leave small children at home… or to face embarrassing questions for which the Sisters refuse to take responsibility.

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