Your Year-Long Horoscope at a Glance New Perspective for 2013 by Eileen Lock


Changes in January will be internal and could include stepping back a bit. By the middle of March you will begin to step out again and new beginnings will be evident. You are waking up to the truth of who you are and by May there will be no going back. The end of June and most of July is a turning point and your living situation will become important. Find some quiet time in August and give your emotions your attention. Work needs your attention in September and it will be important to remember to take time for yourself too. Do something in October to expand your mind and heart. Decisions made in November may need to be revisited in December. Be patient during the end of the year and know that whatever your dream is will be worth waiting for.



Follow your heart in January and realize you are making a huge change. Meditation or quiet time will be very helpful in February and early March. By the middle of March you will begin to see the positive effects of what you have been doing. Many things take shape April only to be rearranged in May. Stay flexible about how to achieve your goals. Try different approaches in June and consider letting your feelings show. Be brave and take action in August, then notice how many people are benefiting from what you did in September. Remain focused in October and make the choice to put you first. There will be a huge healing available by doing this. What you start in November will expand during December and beyond. Accept that you are valuable and let yourself feel proud of the choices you are making.



Making change is a priority this year and you will spend the first six months doing just that. January is filled with rearranging as much as you can in your life. Trust enough in February to step back a bit and let things fall into place. A quiet start to March will be followed by a very active second half of the month. By April you will find your rhythm even though there will still be plenty of change. May is the most active month so far.  You will find that what was once just an idea is now happening. A change of plans in July will be a good opportunity to focus more on your home and family. Enjoy the company of those around you in August and realize how good that feels. September brings new agreements in relationships so remember to be cooperative. Let go of your fears in October and invite more change in your life. Take responsibility for your life during the last two months and be grateful that you can.



Be mindful in January of how far you extend yourself. Step back in February and watch those around you as they go through big changes. The end of March invites you to make a new beginning. Keep it simple in April and encourage yourself to believe in you. Hold steady with your plan in May but be willing to change directions in June. Your home life begins to settle down in late June and July. Take this opportunity to focus on meeting your own needs. The middle of August will find you showing more of yourself and making new relationships. Enjoy yourself in October and notice how much better your body feels. Trust in November and make a big decision.  This will be the first of many more that you will make in December.  Step up at the end of the year and do the work that you were born to do. The world is ready for you to be true to yourself.



Look to yourself for validation in January and realize that is where it needs to come from. Be patient in February and take some quiet time for yourself. By the end of March it can be all about you. Stand tall in who you are and feel proud of your decisions. Money issues may get your attention in May. Realize relationships are also changing and you need to be open to the future. Do yourself a favor in June and let it be playful. A change of direction in July could be surprising and delightful. Open your heart to relationships in August and let yourself simply enjoy. September will bring many opportunities for you to show the world who you are becoming. Let go of the past during October in order to make room for what is next. Listen to your inner dialogue during the last two months and be sure it is supportive. Love yourself and remember that you are amazing.



A very busy January will need to you make significant decisions. Trust enough in February to initiate change in your life. Completion in March will show you that life can be different than ever before and by April you will see that it is true. A busy May will give you the chance to realize how steady you have become. A flexible approach will be needed in June and emotions will be close to the surface. By the end of July you will feel more peaceful yet ready to still take action. September brings new people into your life and they will want your attention. Show the world your best self in October and by November you will feel very strong. Decisions made in December will be the first of more to come after the New Year begins. Initiate your ideas then be patient as they take time to happen. Believe in what you are doing and others will too.



Enjoy the opportunities that come your way in January. New relationships made in February will ask you to use your more creative side. Plant seeds in March and by April you will see them begin to grow. Be willing to rearrange your schedule in May as there will be changes in your plans. Enjoy the activities in June and use them as a chance to meet more people. The end of July will be a good time to step back a bit and check to be sure you are getting what you need. There’s a lot to enjoy in August and even the first part of September so go for it and have a good time. October is a mixture of wanting to do more and needing to slow down a bit. A heartfelt decision made in November will be revisited many times in December. Have confidence in your choice and believe in your outcome. You are moving in the right direction.



Let go of the past in January and create space for you to feel the completion. February brings many things to a close and you will be able to begin to relax. You are challenged in March to think only about yourself and take action quickly, without over thinking it. Everything reaches a culmination in April and there will be no going back. Hold steady in April and discover that you do have what you need. Count your blessings in May and recognize that change is good. July is a great time to go to the water and do your best to relax. Move forward slowly in August, staying mindful of your own needs. Appreciate those who are helping you in October and realize how important they are in your journey. By November you will be more aware of the direction you are going and you will see that you are still valuable. Recognize the stable parts of your life and let them know that you are grateful. Open your heart at the end of the year and enjoy your relationships. Loving your life is part of your healing and now is the time.



Go out on a limb in January and take a chance. Realize what you have needed in your life and do it in February. Take a step back in early March then leap forward by the end of the month.  Let your enthusiasm show in April and you may be given opportunities because of it. Be patient in May while many things are changing. June starts out with a lot of activity then asks for you to slow down a bit near the end of the month. Let your home get your attention in July and August in order to create a comfortable environment for yourself. September is full of invitations so say “Yes” to as much as possible. Hard work may be necessary in October and November so be willing to apply yourself. Big decisions in December will be the first of many more to come. Take responsibility for your life and make choices that support you.



January is a time for appreciation and letting your gratitude show. February brings opportunities to meet with people in a new way. Trust your intuition as you move forward in March without hesitation. New structures show themselves in April and you will feel more confident about your choices. Do whatever it takes to stay centered in May while many things are changing. A very busy June will need you to stay open to unusual experiences. Be willing to put yourself out there in July so that others can see who you have become. Let August be a time of healing and making your needs important. Relationships may feel challenging in September but you just need to remember what makes you happy. Share your feelings in October so that others can understand where you are coming from. Take a stand in November, especially in your work space. Hard work will pay off in December so truly apply yourself to whatever you are doing. Remind yourself that you are capable and are definitely making a difference.



The need to be your true self is strong in January. Appreciate your recent choices in February and recognize how much better you feel. Take a chance in March and try something new. Follow the rules in April if you want to accomplish something major. Opportunities are plentiful in May so take advantage of everything that comes your way. June continues to be full of change so stay involved in everything that is happening. Slow it down a little in July and be sure your home is how you want it to be. Hard work in August can still be fun if you appreciate the opportunities that it provides. Put yourself in the limelight in September and share your talents with those around you. Trust becomes important in October as some things may come to a close. Actively pursue the things you believe in during November and remind yourself why you do what you do. December could be spent planning the next year so be honest about what interests you. Follow your dreams and remind yourself that magic can happen.



Bring a little structure into your life in January and realize how helpful it is. Be honest with yourself in February so that you can receive what you have been wanting. Enjoy yourself in March and remember how important this is. Tune into your body in April and gently give it what it needs. Lots of change in May will require you move through them one at a time. Find a way to nurture yourself in June and remind yourself that you deserve this. July finds you comfortable and able to significant changes. Continue to seek comfort in August and do whatever it takes to find it. Let others take the lead in September and tell yourself that your turn will come in October. You will need to take important steps in November in order to keep yourself healthy. Be strong in your agreements in December and remind yourself that you do know what is best for you. Trust your choices and realize that is what will make it work.


Eileen Lock

Clairvoyant Astrologer



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