A New Year & New Beginnings

If you are reading this, we survived the end of times and are facing another year filled with art, music, literature, dance and all the creative endeavors that make Central Oregon an amazing place to live.

Gracing our cover this month is the image Beyond the Rim from astrophotographer Brad Goldpaint with his incredible view of the night sky and shooting star over a wintery Crater Lake. Goldpaint’s talent and patience lends to capture a scene only the hardiest of winter star-gazers is lucky enough to see. At the start of yet another cycle of time and season, growth and change, the expanse of night sky proves to remind us of our part to play in the wider narrative of life while assuring us that “this too shall pass.”

Among the wintery landscapes and unique viewpoints of the featured photographers this issue, all of our submissions this year captured a sense of Central Oregon spirit. View the 24 photographs on pages 14-18; many are professional photographers with other work available around the area, so take a moment, visit their websites or stop in their next exhibition, the caliber of work is truly impressive.

We are excited for the year to come, especially for the launch of our Cascade A&E App. Look for more details in the months to come on how mobile users will be able to navigate through First Friday ArtWalk, access all exhibitions throughout Central Oregon and tap into our extensive event calendar while on the go. Here’s to a new year and new beginnings!

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