A&E Weekly Launches

The future of print media is a hotly debated topic. iPads and tablets are making digital magazines, newspapers and even text books into easy to read, affordable and dynamic platforms of information.
As digital gets smaller, faster and cheaper, the future of print is unknown, but undeniably printed books, magazines and newspapers have a longer shelf-life, can be read by multiple people and are more accessible to the portion of the world without the latest technology.

Cascade A&E is intent on enhancing our print version of the magazine by embracing the digital side of publishing. In addition to each of our monthly editions available on our website for free, we have recently launched the new A&E Weekly e-newsletter.

The companion to our print magazine, the events-based email will allow our readers to stay current on upcoming arts and cultural related happenings around Central Oregon on a weekly basis. Delivered to your inbox every Wednesday, the newsletter will also have Art & Culture Broadcasts which feature unique, fresh and current articles covering a wide arrange of topics.

If you do not see your arts, cultural or community event listed in A&E Weekly, please submit it to us here: events@cascadeae.com. If you want to subscribe, visit www.CascadeAE.com, and if you have comments or suggestions, we always welcome your feedback!

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