Art Makes a Difference

Art can be a fairly nebulous term. Attaching “art” in front of just about any phrase adds an element of sophistication, such as: “the art of micro brewing,” or “the art of mountain biking.”

But bringing awareness to how art impacts our everyday activities and the products we use is exactly what Art in the High Desert aims to do with their Art Makes a Difference campaign.

The annual fine art show brings in professional artists from around the country and Canada, but in addition to offering Central Oregonians a chance to peruse and purchase the skilled work of master artists, a strong emphasis is placed on recognizing the work of artists in more unexpected ways.

Someone designed your car with a very specific user experience in mind. The color, texture, fabric and even dashboard layout are intentionally created for your comfort, or excitement, by professional designers.

What about your phone? Smart phone companies are falling over themselves to create a visually rich and dynamic experience for this tool that can be found in everyone’s pocket.

And packaging? Just look at the art that can be found on our local beer and wine labels. Deschutes Brewery features artwork on their Jubelale bottles each winter, and wine labels, well, I’ll admit I buy wine depending on how much I like the label.

Art is everywhere and impacts just about everything we do. How does art make a difference in your life? I challenge you to spend a few minutes recognizing the creative talent that goes into even the most mundane objects around you.


Art Makes a Difference.

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