Ideas for Entertaining at Home

With a thriving art and entertainment scene available in Oregon, you could find something new and interesting to do every night of the week if you wanted to. On some occasions though, it’s nice to kick back and relax at home. You might want to spend a cozy evening with your partner, have some quality family time, or invite some friends over for a girls’ or guys’ night in. Maybe you’ve got friends or relatives coming to town who won’t feel like a night on the tiles, or you want to show off your culinary expertise to your new neighbors. Whatever your motivation for staying in, you’ll want the night to be a memorable one that goes with a swing.

Movie night

This is a great idea for families and close friends. The idea is to replicate a trip to the cinema without leaving your couch. You all have a vote on the movie, and with streaming services, you can easily rent or buy from an extensive range without having to go out to the store. The catering could be a takeaway that you get delivered in, or you could add to the fun by making your own pizzas or burgers. Kids love getting stuck into a bit of cookery, and choosing something based on fast food but made to your own design can make the meal enjoyable and healthy. If you have a popcorn maker, some hot, freshly made popcorn with your choice of flavors gives the evening a real cinema feel; or you can just buy ready made popcorn. Then you set the film up, get everyone arranged comfortably around the TV, and hit play.

Bingo night

Bingo is a game of chance that has little in common with online betting, but you could still win a prize. It’s a lot of fun and even those who think it sounds boring soon get into the spirit of it. You could run a traditional bingo game for your friends with paper pads and all the balls, but it’s much easier to simply do it online. Check out the different games available on bingo promotions websites, and choose the one that appeals to your group. You could make it more fun by supplying some prizes of your own, in addition to whatever could be won online. Provide a buffet, or even just nibbles and drinks, and your party will be a big hit.

Party planner night

Many companies have independent agents who arrange parties at people’s homes, where they show off the products and often offer discounts on anything bought or ordered on the night. The range of parties is far broader now, including fashion, makeup and beauty products, jewelry, household gadgets, books, and toys; and for the daring among you, there’s always Victoria’s Secret party. The party host provides drinks and finger food for the guests, and usually receives a bonus, extra discount or credit on their own purchases for holding the party. The agents are knowledgeable, friendly, and often very entertaining, so the whole evening can be a lot of fun.

Spa night

This is an especially good idea if you have a hot tub or something similar that everyone can gather in to relax and chat. The idea is that you invite your friends over and help each other with some home treatments like face masks, scrubs, maybe do each other’s nails, or if you want to splash out, get a mobile beauty therapist or masseuse in to do the treatments. Relaxing in the hot tub afterward with a chilled glass of wine and having a good chat makes this a perfect girls night in.

Games night

Computer games are all well and good, and their appeal can’t be denied; but for many people, a good old-fashioned board game is just as much (if not more!) fun. Sitting down for a game of Monopoly or Cluedo can be completely absorbing for everyone, and will inevitably cause a lot of good-natured argument and rivalry, with plenty of laughter as well of course! Board games are becoming more popular again, and new games are being released every year in all sorts of genres. Fantasy themes are very popular, but pretty much any kind of game you favor will have multiple options available. If you like traditional games, you could always have a bridge tournament or play checkers or chess.

Book clubs

You’re probably familiar with this concept, as it has become almost universally popular over the last few decades. In most cases, you join a group of people in your neighborhood who enjoy reading, agree on a book for everyone to read before the next meeting, then discuss what you all thought of the book when you get together again. If you run or are a member of a book club, you’ve probably played host on occasion before; but you don’t have to be part of an organized group to use the same general idea. Just get all the people you invite to an evening in together to read a particular book (or watch a movie, listen to some music; anything you like really, that you can all discuss). Provide some snacks and drinks, and you’ll have a merry evening debating the characters and plot points of some extraordinary books.

Sports night

This might bring to mind visions of a group of guys surrounded by beer cans yelling at the screen as they watch the Super Bowl or the World Series. That does happen of course, but there are many other sporting events you can make the focus of a get-together, and they don’t have to involve shouting and alcohol. Big international events like the Olympics, Paralympics, World Championships in individual sports, or global sports such as Formula One are all great occasions to gather together and cheer for whoever you want to get behind. Or you could get a group together who are interested in a more niche sport like ice dancing or gymnastics to enjoy a big event.

You’ll never run out of things to do in Oregon, but if you want to stay in now and then, you can do it in style.

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