New Perspective for the Year 2016

By Eileen Lock

Follow your heart in January as you move through a challenging situation. Your positive attitude will make a big difference and by February you will receive the rewards. Steps taken in March will move you forward more than you might have planned. Trust enough to say “Yes” to invitations in March and remind yourself to ask for what you need. An extra boost of positive energy on April will carry you for quite a while. Create a plan in May so that you can be the most effective. Find time to play in June but still remember to be responsible. July brings recognition mixed with a need to be grateful. Be willing to back up in August and help those who have been helping you in the past. Relationships get your attention in September and it will be important to still think about your needs first. Hold steady in October while those around you seem more emotional. Remind yourself to make good choices that support your happiness and by November you will see the benefits of your decisions. Applying a strong focus in December will elevate your life to a new level. Be willing to do the work and then celebrate your rewards.

January starts with some backtracking in order to create more organization in your life. Let go of what you are done with in February in order to lighten your load. Balance your desire to be busy in March with much needed quiet time. It’s important to rest in between activities so that you can enjoy yourself more. Ask for what you want in April and be excited about what happens next. May is a time to enjoy what you love and appreciate the opportunity to do so. June brings change and it may feel like it’s just in time. Appreciate your home and those who visit you there in July. Cooperation in August could surprise you as well as touch your heart. Relationships get your attention in September as they invite you to step forward into something new. More pleasure in October is exactly what you need so remember to appreciate it. You could be amazed with how easily change happens in November and it’s important to keep moving forward. December is filled with cooperation and your heart will be touched by what occurs. Keep your mind and heart open and remember anything is possible.

Big decisions in January change everything and manifestation occurs immediately By February you will be aware of how much better everything is. Your resilient attitude will be helpful in March when it becomes important not to react to others. April brings new beginnings and you will be glad you have been minding your own business. Spend time behind the scenes in May and be sure you are getting what you need. A big reveal in June will be well received and supported. July brings recognition for a job well done, let yourself really feel it. A challenging August needs to be taken in stride as you remember how good your life really is. September brings more rewards and you will again be grateful that you have stayed focused on your own world. Lots of cooperation in October moves you forward considerably. Many parts of your life reach a peak in November and it will be important to keep pushing through. A little structure in December will be helpful but remember to leave room for spontaneity. Look back as the year comes to a close and pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

Find time to rest and regroup during a very busy January. February asks for you to let go of what is no longer working and hold on to what does work. Follow your heart in March and plant new seeds for your future. A little organization will go a long way in April as you are making decisions about what you want to do next. May brings the definition you have been looking forward and it will be easier to take action. Changes in June will be part of getting you ready for what is right around the corner. Make yourself important in July and celebrate your recent changes. Hard work will pay off in August and you will be aware that others appreciate you. Invite healing into your life in September and you will see it happen quickly. Relationships are supportive in October and you may find yourself being more open than usual. Situations define themselves clearly in November and that will make it easy for your next decisions. December may find you taking big steps towards what will be a very big change in the upcoming year. Go willingly and joyfully and be happy about what is happening.

January needs you to be responsible even though your heart may want more freedom. By February you will be able to make the changes you have been wanting for a very long time. Action in March feels amazing and you will have a definite bounce in your walk. Let others help you in April, the cooperation will feel good. Patience will be required in May as you need to slow down and take care of details. The desire for change in June could be mixed with an unwillingness to let go. By July you will be releasing what no longer supports you and you will know it is right for you. August is about hard work and forward motion so buckle down and take care of business. Let go of explaining yourself in September and go ahead and do what you need to do. October is a mixture of hard work and rewards and it’s important to appreciate both. November also brings a mixed bag of knowing you are going the right direction and realizing there is still a ways to go. December brings decisions and it will be an indication that it is time to make your move. Trust your choices and truly follow your heart.

Hard work is asked for in January and could occasionally feel challenged. Be detached during February and keep your focus on your own contribution. March is a chance to take your life to the next level if you are willing to feel uncomfortable along the way. By April you are getting your bearings and will notice that you are becoming more comfortable. May finds you in your element and able to be very effective in your projects. June is again challenging as you are around unusual people and situations. Take a deep breath and realize that by July it will get easier again. August is your chance to show who you are and what you can do. September brings people into your life that want to know more about you. Relationships are your focus in October and you will discover what a positive impact you can make. November finds you confident and able to make big strides in your life. Begin December being responsible then let go and enjoy the end of the month. A little play will go a long way and send you into the New Year with a great attitude.

Save your words as you go ahead and move forward in January. Cooperation is amazing in February so let yourself enjoy it. Be willing to take care of business on your own in March while relationships are preoccupied. Keep it simple in April and remind yourself that you are completely capable. Patience will be required in May as many things slow down. Letting things unfold naturally will work to your advantage in June. Let yourself make choices in July that support the direction you want to go next. Hard work in August will pay off down the road so let the promise of this inspire you to keep going. Have enough faith in yourself in September to ask for what you need. October will find you turning a corner and catching a glimpse of your future. Think big in November as you step out farther than ever before. Notice how good you feel in December and give yourself a lot of credit for getting where you are and for whom you are becoming.

A little definition in January is just what you need to move forward. Challenge yourself in February to let go and take your next step. Take time in March to realize where you are and how good it feels. Small details could need your attention in April and it is important to take care of everything to the best of your ability. You may need to recheck your work in May, be sure to take your time and do it right. Changes in June could leave you with questions and it will be important to trust your process. Give the people around you a little more space in July as they may feel the need for it. August provides an opportunity for healing by simply keeping your heart open to it. Let go of explanations in September and simply go about your business. October brings several chances to enjoy you, remind yourself how important it is to do this. Be ready to move forward in November and decisions are made and changes occur. December will find your life more clearly defined than it has been in a long time. Appreciate knowing more details and consider relaxing as the year comes to a close.

Love is on your mind as the year begins so let yourself simply enjoy what is happening. February continues to provide new friendships and occasions to celebrate. Make an investment in your future in March and remind yourself that you are worth it. Have patience in April as you wait for others to catch up to what you already know. Continued patience with your process will be necessary in May so remind yourself that this could simply take time. Take a chance in June and you could be pleasantly surprised. What you discover in June could expand in July and show you how much better life is about to become. Extra patience in August will help you take care of details and situations, believe in the outcome of what you are doing. A desire to run needs to be honored in September so find something to do that you enjoy. The emotions of others could complicate things in October. Be compassionate with those around you as they go through big changes. Be a good example for others to follow in November and remind yourself that integrity is important. Take care of business during the first half of December then let go and completely enjoy the rest of the month. End the year the way you want to start the year and you will be much happier in the future.

Talk about what’s on your mind in January in an effort to make your decision. February brings change and it will be important to believe in what you are doing. Spend time in March getting ready for what is coming over the next few months. Plans made in April will establish agreements that are cooperative and financially supportive. Let those around you put together the pieces in May and simply watch how well it is working. Teach yourself to be more playful in June while much is going on that you cannot control. Be sure your actions are really speaking the truth in July, especially in relationships. Work could get your attention in August when you get an offer that you do not want to refuse. Let others have their moment in September and have faith that your time is coming. Mind your own business in October while everyone around you seems to be going through change. Order returns by November and sense of calms begins to move through you. December brings new people into your life that provides opportunities for you to enjoy yourself more. Take their invitation and really run with it.

Think about the future in January but still be mindful of the present. Let yourself celebrate in February and realize you have many things to be grateful for. March is a time of new beginnings and you will definitely be initiating something new. April shows signs of positive change and an invitation to take a leap of faith. Keep a positive attitude in May as many situations slow way down. By June your life is moving quickly again and there will be many opportunities to play. Step back and let others have their way during July, you will have plenty chance later to show the world your ideas. Details could feel confining in August so it will be important to appreciate what you will gain by taking care of things properly. Relationships open doors for you in September, remember to say “Thank you” all along the way. Intense situations during October will actually work out better than you might have thought. Have faith when everything speeds up in November and know that you have been waiting for this. December finds you planning for what you see will be an amazing next year. Remind yourself that magic is possible.

Activities in January could bring you out of hiding. Be February you will be more comfortable with your recent changes. March is a chance for you to do what you love, you simply need to make it important. Quiet time in April will be much appreciated and it I important to really maximize it. Changes begin slowly in May and could start feeling a little too active by June. Step back in July and realize you can choose how busy you want to be. August could find you doing things in the opposite way from how you thought you might do it. After a busy start September will finally slow down near the last few days. October will provide you with the quiet you have been looking for. Use this time to focus on what you want to do next. November is a time to take a chance so that you can discover how supported you truly are. A commitment in December could be exactly what you need. Let yourself feel the support and then dream about what you want it to look like from here on out.

Love and Light Always,
Eileen Lock
Clairvoyant Astrologer/Spiritual Medium
1471 NW Newport Ave.
Bend, Or 97701

Listen for the song in your heart, find the melody and dance to the music.

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