Printmaker Paige Rajnus Exhibits Original Prints at Townshend’s Bend Teahouse

(Refuge, Monoprint 8×10 inches by Paige Rajnus)

Paige Rajnus is a fine artist with a BFA from Oregon State University. She most often works in watercolor and graphite pencil, but is also an experienced printmaker and photographer. Her artwork has been recognized within the state of Oregon and nationally. Paige draws her inspiration from immersion with nature, and much of her work depicts native Pacific Northwestern wildlife.

“We are all dependant on relationships. Both humans and animals rely on others to survive, and yet the bonds that sustain us are easily overlooked. In this series I used familiar animals to depict three key relationships: our connection to a parent, to a lover, and to God. To illustrate this, I chose to create a collection of monoprints, which was the perfect method to communicate the idea of relationships. Although each print is unique, they are also related to each other, with all of the same animal figures showing up in more than one print. Interconnection permeates our world, and this series is a tribute to the relationships that hold us together. I hope to reveal the grand commonalities between us and wildlife, while also evoking the power of relationship in our own personal lives.”

 February 1-March 31
Artist Reception: 5-8pm
Held Together: Wildlife and interconnections in a series of monoprints.
Monoprint, ink on paper

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