September at the Les Schwab Amphitheater

Brandi Carlile’s country/rock September 1 with Huey Lewis & The News pop rock on September 11.

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Carlile’s music sounds a bit county/rock, with a mix of folk and pop thrown in. It is her voice that has captivated listeners across the musical spectrum. Carlile exhibits a remarkable range: sometimes whispering her soulful, emotive vocals and other times delivering her lyrics with gruff power.

Carlile wanted to get in touch with her country roots with her new album Bear Creek and single Hard Way Home. The album features her longtime bandmates Tim and Phil Hanseroth who co-wrote many of the songs with Carlile and play guitar and bass

hewylewisHuey Lewis and The News September 11

Huey Lewis & the News is a San Francisco based group that has been playing pop rock for three decades. Huey Lewis & the News has a contagious brand of straight-ahead rock n’ roll that has outlasted countless trends, selling over 10 million albums worldwide.  The band has a driving, party-hearty spirit with hit songs Workin’ for a Livin, I Want a New Drug, The Heart of Rock & Roll, Hip to Be Square and The Power of Love. 

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