SpeakEasy Returns to Innovation Theatre Works

Open Mic Storytelling Series, SpeakEasy is a monthly event in the Balcony Café starting Sunday, August 5 at 6pm.  

The SpeakEasy was started in 2010 and was the first event of its kind in Central Oregon, with a purpose of providing a place for people to tell stories. However, with rising production demands in other areas, ITW was forced to suspend the series last year in order to focus on their first fully developed season.

The revived series will start with a tribute to Ray Bradbury, the widely acclaimed author of such literary classics as Fahrenheit 451, The Martian Chronicles and approximately 500 short stories. Local storytellers are invited to read or memorize any one of these Bradbury short stories at the August event.

The SpeakEasy’s standard rules will be relaxed for this evening only, but speakers are asked to choose a story no longer than ten minutes. For all other meetings, stories will be limited to seven minutes, and all tales must be within the monthly theme.

For the Bradbury event only, participants are asked to preregister with ITW so that especially popular stories will not be told multiple times. Admission for the evening is $5.

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