Sunriver Resort Lodge Betty Gray Gallery

Sunriver Resort Lodge Betty Gray Gallery presents the artwork of David Wachs and Bill Logan continuing through May 20. Beginning May 24 and continuing through Labor Day in September, the gallery features art by JM Brodrick, Kelly and Charlie Thiel.

David Wachs records in his current images the beauty of the Cascades in snow, noting that this art reflects his commitment to the landscape that inspires his creativity. In his acrylic painted images, the artist suggests a peripheral view such as one might view while driving.

The artist, traveling in search of images for his paintings, recently explored Taos, New Mexico, Big Sky, Montana and the Leavenworth, Washington environs; still he chose to return to Bend as “it is truly the best place I’ve found.” His work appears in private and public collections including Bank of the Cascades, MODA (Bend), the Bend Bulletin and Oregon Public Broadcasting.

William (Bill) Logan, an admirer of winged beauty since childhood, presents his show of avian images. His first close encounter with such imagery began during his days of flying general aviation aircraft and observing eagles in their soaring, circling flights on thermals.

Such scrutiny served him well for, as a devoted patriot, he began to paint the American Eagle. That painting, his first bird image offered for sale, also became his first avian image sold. Logan displays another eagle and other raptors including an osprey, clasping prey in talons, in the current exhibit.

Opening on May 24, JM Brodrick, Kelly Thiel and Charlie Thiel present a variety of mediums and styles in the forthcoming main exhibit.

JM Brodrick, one of the three featured main exhibit artists, shows acrylic paintings and states, “I am a painter working towards merging realism with the beauty of pure abstract.”  Her awards include: Best of America, National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society and others.

Charlie Thiel’s featured photographs are from a 2016 trip to the village of Luang Prabang in Laos, where the artist helped teach local students the beginnings of photography. All profits from the sale of his prints help support My Library, a nonprofit organization creating community libraries in underdeveloped areas.

Kelly Thiel notes that her “obsession with personal stories that dwell within us” gives rise to her narrative artworks in the exhibition. Her sculpture and paintings center around the female essence as revealed in demonstrative facial expressions; these are exhibited across the U.S. and in England.

This summer quarter exhibition also marks the beginning of the 23rd year of exhibitions curated by Turner for the Sunriver Resort Lodge Betty Gray Art Gallery. The lodge is open all hours.

For information, please contact Billye Turner at 503-780-2828 or

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