Sunriver Writers’ Summit Prepared to Settle Only for Exceptional

The Sunriver Writers’ Summit debuts May 2-3. Seeking writers prepared to settle only for exceptional in their pursuit of publication success, the Summit is an extension of the renowned Southern California Writers’ Conference (SCWC), which has facilitated over $4 million worth of first-time authors’ book and screen deals over the past 29 years.

The Summit’s focus is on elevating the quality of storytelling—from craft and execution through completed book presentation—to a level that immediately distinguishes itself in an ever-expanding marketplace, already saturated with lackluster titles. Sunriver Writers’ Summit is a two-day program consisting of three exclusive tracks, strictly limited in attendance, to be held in Sunriver.

SCWC Executive Director Michael Steven Gregory, himself an accomplished writer and filmmaker, and Sunriver resident, sees the Summit as vital to increasing the odds for a writer’s chance of success.

“Writers need to break the cycle of rejection, whether it be from agents, publishers or, most importantly, book-buying readers,” Gregory says. “And with the ease of self-publishing what it is today, far too many writers are giving up on the traditional path altogether, simply skipping straight to what often amounts to premature e-publication. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. The overwhelming majority of titles, especially those that are self-published, fail to find a readership for a reason: they’re not ready for public consumption.”

With over 300,000 books now being published each year, Gregory argues that the likelihood of an author achieving success extends beyond writing a good story. He explains, “Regardless of which genre you’re working in, and especially if you’re going to self-publish, there’s infinite obstacles an author must overcome to get readers to invest both time and money to buy their book, even a great book. Our aim is to not only educate writers on crafting a quality, commercial story, but on the absolute necessity to strive for excellence, settle only for exceptional, at every stage of producing a book worthy of publication.”

May 2-3, 2015
Sunriver Resort
COST: $350

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