The Busy Bird Adventures: Little Bird Explores Bend

A Picture Book for Every Kid Who Loves to Explore

The Busy Bird Adventures: Little Bird Explores Bend! is a keepsake book full of colorful illustrations and rhyming words to take you and your little one on a vibrant journey in and around Bend. Kids will love pointing out their favorite outdoor adventures or learning about new places to explore.

Kristen Riggle is an artist, author and lifestyle blogger. Her work encourages creativity, exploration and most importantly doing what you love. She created her first picture book The Busy Birds Adventures: Little Bird Explores Bend! after her and her husband moved to Bend and were in awe of the beauty and exciting adventures just waiting for them to explore right outside their front door. The characters used in her illustrations were inspired by her collection of quirky bird paintings that she calls The Busy Birds. Each one highlights an individual’s happy place whether it’s an activity, place, profession or passion. If she’s not in her home studio writing, painting, or imagining, she’s probably off with her husband exploring the deserts and mountains that surround their happy home in Bend.

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