A6 Studio & Gallery Features a Unique Exhibit: Opening Japan: Three Centuries of Japanese Prints

The art, beauty and allure of Japan’s famed floating world comes to life in A6 Studio & Gallery’s 2016 major exhibit, Opening Japan: Three Centuries of Japanese Prints. More than two dozen Japanese woodblock prints feature subjects that tantalized the bourgeois of 17th, 18th and 19th century Japan: elegant courtesans, celebrated kabuki actors, and far-flung destinations.

Featuring master works by Hasui, Hiroshige, Yoshitoshi and others, Opening Japan celebrates the enduring beauty of Japanese prints. Thru November 20.

A full schedule of talks, classes and special events provide additional insight into Japanese art and culture.

Tea teacher Marjorie Yap holds a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony in the A6 gallery on Friday, September 30. Art historian Ann Wetherwell of Willamette University discusses the pop culture aspect of ukiyo-e prints at Central Oregon Community College on October 11 and art historian Lorna Cahall traces the influence of Japanese prints on the Impressionists and Post-Impressionists on November 1 at the Bend Downtown Library.

Portland State University’s theater department provides an introduction to kabuki theatre and performs select scenes from The 47 Loyal Samurai at Tower Theatre on November 13.
Renowned printmaker and OSU faculty member Yuji Hiratsuka visits A6 in mid-September to give an art talk and display his prints in a pop-up exhibit on September 11. Midwestern artist Mary Brodbeck visits A6 to give an art talk on October 14 and teach a weekend workshop in traditional Japanese woodblock printmaking October 15-16. Frequent beginner-level classes in origami bookmaking and woodblock printing offer exhibit-goers a chance to explore Japanese art forms.

Admission to the exhibit is free; program costs vary. The exhibit is available during regular gallery hours: Monday-Friday 10-7pm, Saturday 10-6pm and Sunday 12-5pm.

A6 Studio & Gallery, 550 SW Industrial Way, Ste. 180, 541-330-8759, www.atelier6000.com 

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