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Public Art Commission Awarded to Boise Artists
Bend, OR –November 11, 2015–A kinetic art installation built around ten stylized aspen trees has been selected by Art in Public Places for the Murphy and Third Street Roundabout. Gilded River is comprised of twenty-two foot high trees and hundreds of colorful kinetic leaves to create a unique visual experience.
Light shines through colorful acrylic panels or casts intricate shadows while the Northwest’s frequent winds move kinetic elements to spin and sway.  Gilded River combines interesting shadows with moving leaves to evoke the essence of quaking aspens in the fall. Ken McCall, Leslie Dixon and Mark Baltes are a team of artists who specialize in public art.  Working out of Boise, Idaho, they design both free standing and building integrated artworks that are tailored for each setting and community.  Many of their sculptures use the natural elements to add interesting viewing experiences. The sculpture will be installed in late summer 2016.
“Gilded River was designed especially for Bend and celebrates nature and how it influences our lives here in the Northwest. Bend’s roundabout sculptures are each very distinct and beautiful and we are grateful for the chance to add our art to this outstanding collection,” said Baltes, Dixon and McCall.
From over 110 artist submissions, three finalists were selected over the summer and models were on display during October for public viewing at the Deschutes Public Library in downtown Bend.  Over 1,300 votes were cast during a two week period. “This was the largest turnout for public voting that we have ever received and we are thrilled.  Thank you to the community for participating and helping to select another beautiful sculpture that we can donate to the City of Bend’s public art collection” said Sue Hollern, founding member of Art in Public Places.
Art in Public Places creates an enhanced visual environment for Bend residents, and promotes tourism and economic vitality in the city through the artistic design of public spaces. AiPP’s financial support comes from the Bend Foundation, financed by Brooks Resources Corporation and shareholders of the company, from the Be Part of Art campaign and from private donations.

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